a mosaic of grace

Lower Left

Out of an intimate and vulnerable grief that I shared with my mama regarding sexual abuse in the church, I scrawled down raw, pleading words this past week.

I bled my heart and knew the comforting and undeniable close presence of the Holy Spirit.

Earlier, I had read a thread of tweets of a Mr. Wade Mullen, and in my own heart cry, I lyrically paraphrased and used some phrases of Mr. Mullen’s tweets, a deeply wise and thoughtful minister of the faith, who is pioneering and authoring a much broader and important work to speak to the church, and initially his work was not properly credited, clearly crediting him by name in my article, and my heart sincerely and humbly and relentlessly apologizes, and I do not want there to be any confusion in the least as to the proper accreditation of Mr. Mullen’s profoundly needed and formative work at this unbelievably critical moment in time for the church.

This week I have held weeping women, who can hardly stand for the scars of their abuse. Heard pastors speak with heart-rooted commitment to creating safe communities where souls can heal and flourish. Saw survivors grasp hands in hallways and whisper to each other only those two heart-shattering words, “MeToo.”  Now is a raw and tender time, and there is a chorus of courageous voices rising, and seminal, sacrificial work like Mr. Mullen’s, is being lit of the Spirit of the Living God, to forge a red sea road forward for those of us seeking deliverance from any bondage of abuse.

The Holy Spirit is moving like a healing hope among His people, and He is working His redemptive seeds into the soil of our personal and collective sorrow, and our Brokenhearted Healer is gently and carefully gathering all of our brokenness to make abundance — to make a mosaic of grace for His glory. 

When silences and secrecy breaks, the seed of resurrection breaks open in us and we rise. 

Let the survivors and the rocks cry out.

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