How The Real Sisterhood of Women– is Really the ASSISTerhood (annnnd … The Best (New!) Subscription Box?)

You know — women know it in their bones from the time they first become women.

And we say it so our daughters know, so the next generation knows: Women know that they come from each other.

Women know that their dreams and their hearts fit inside of each other, and they know it like the back of their hands, like the veins on the back of the hand all run connected, how this is us, all connected to each other, all our courage and strength running into each other.





When we know we belong to each other, then we are strong for each other.

And this is what we tell our girls, because this what changes the world, and we never stop turning and telling each other our real names: You belong, You be brave, You are loved, You are strong.

We will get knocked down, but women knock fear to the curb because all fear is fraud and nothing is beyond the presence of God. All fear just fears that we can end up somewhere beyond the good love of God’s love, and we can never find ourselves anywhere beyond the love of God so there is nothing to ever fear in the whole wide world.

Yeah, this old world is for sure going to hurt, and this old world for sure has enough women who know how to do their hair, and what it needs is women who know how to do hard & holy things, women who know they don’t need Wonder-Woman capes like they need to know the God-Breathed Word and how to wield it like a sword against all the lying dark.

There are women who know it: Your hands aren’t big enough to hold all the pain you want to heal — so you hold onto His hand and feel Him heal all your pain in forever ways.

Tell your daughters that — because, sure, you can think chocolate fixes all the bittersweet things, but there’s nothing like tasting and seeing how the Lord is good.

There are days that crumble like a cookie, but this is a thing — and it’s the realest, truest thing and you have to keep doing it no matter what: In all things, taste the grace of God.

Because we are the women raising women who see the the whole world through a lens of love, like all is glass to God, like when we look into any face, we are looking into the face of God.

Know there is no us versus them, but only all of us living everyday like there is no them.

There are no other families — only our family.





Because we are the women raising another generation that knows:

The people who tear down fences to build longer tables don’t miss out on the best feasts.

The people who care about other people are taking the best care of their own souls.

The people who give grace are the ones who get grace. And the only non-toxic air any of us can ever breathe is Grace.

Grace is always racing down our darkest roads to meet us. And then Grace always asks us to pass more grace on — because this is what helps us love life & carry on.

We are the sisterhood who know: You can’t really know grace and not really be moved. Grace always moves us. Grace starts movements.

When God’s grace revolutionizes your life — God uses you to revolutionize the world.

Be grace warriors in the world — not great worriers about the world.

Be the sisterhood of women who always give each other grace, the women who know: Give grace forward — because this is always the best way forward.

Be the sisterhood how know that real love lives given, who take a brazen, defiant stand for boldface hope for all of our sisters.

The Sisterhood — is ASSISterhood.

The sisterhood of women — happens whenever a woman assists her sisters.

And we all get to belong to the sisterhood of women — because we all get to assist our sisters.

The sisterhood is ASSISTerhood —- when we give each other other grace.

Because embracing grace is always what changes your world — and a thousand of our sisters’ worlds.




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