Sick of Waiting on God? The (Brutally) Honest Psalms Series: #2

THE ‘PODCAST’ Edition of Honest Psalm #2:

How long, O Lord?

Have You dropped your watch, lost Your cosmic phone, forgotten that we are kinda just dying here, kinda just waiting here for You to rouse, wake up and finally do something, anything, for crying out loud?

How long till you see the blasted hands of the clock ticking down, like an atomic bomb, while You seem to just sit on Your hands?

How long till you peel back an eyelid up there and see: We’ve got people hurting like the dickens down here, and that open window with its sliver of possibility, it’s closing right before our eyes, and hear us: 

Our endurance is flat out of breath, and our hope’s withering up. 

You may have all of forever, but we, sure as Sheol, do not.

How long till we see some light at the end of the tunnel — but what if that light turns out to be a train come barreling our way?

How long till this relationship finally doesn’t wound, till this dream finally beckons us in, till this kid finally makes a turn for good?

How long till You come to this bloody door we’ve been pounding on with a battery of prayers till we’ve about lost our minds and all our aching faith?

How long do our hearts have to break before You break open the warehouses of our hope? How long do we have to wish for change before You change things?

How long do we have to hope before You help?

How long do we have to plead before You provide?

How long do we have to beg before You finally show up and bestow?

Can’t You budge Your drowsiness, lift the bulk of Your indifference, and see us madly running out of time here?

There’s wind moving through trees and there’s leaves barely lifting and there’s the universe asking in hardly a whisper:

What if: God doesn’t work on our timetables — He works on our hearts.

What if: God isn’t looking at the hands on the clock —  He’s looking for you to take His hand.

What if: Time only wears long when the focus is wrong. The face of the clock fades when our face is turned toward His. His eyes seek your eyes, He cups your face, He carries your pain, He weeps with your tears, He presses you close to His warming heart.

When God has your heart — your times are safe in God’s hands.

Plans don’t need to happen fast — when you are held with a steadfast love.

And you have a Lover who dismantles the crushing gears of time and binds the lashing hands of the clock and He whispers: You can feel numb but you are still held.

Do you want God — or do you want things from God?

Are you wanting the goodness of God — or goods from God?

One is really loving Him unconditionally — and the other really is conditional love. 

How long till you fall in love with just Him?

Are you waiting on God — or waiting on things from God?

One is exulting in God, the other is exploitation of God.

Is Jesus enough — or do you only want just enough Jesus to get enough of what you want?

Is Jesus a lover you can’t get out or your mind — or is He your slacking genie in a bottle?

How long till we long just for Him?

How long till we love the way grace moves us and kindness carries us and mercy meets us, how long till we love the way scarred nailed hands are enough to hold us, keep us, strengthen us, remake us, change us, love us.

When you are in love — you lose track of time.  So why ask, “How long?” — when you’re with God.

And… Even if God doesn’t — God does carry, God does hold, God does redeem.

Even if God doesn’t —- God doesn’t leave, doesn’t abandon, doesn’t let go, not for one second. 

In the wait, whatever you lose, don’t lose heart — you never lose what lasts forever. You’ve got to believe it: whatever is being lost momentarily, more is being gained eternally.

In the wait, if you shift the way you see — and see that the wait could make you into the person you’ve been waiting to become.

If you’re waiting on God — do what waiters do: serve.

In serving, you are served a feast of what you’re longing for.

Because the One who loves you steadfastly, stood fast at the cross for you, so now stand fast for Him.

Love makes nothing feel too long.

And hands of the clock fall away — and everything falls into the safe and enfolding long arms of God who carries all the lasting things beyond the reach of time.


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