Dear Christian, Why You Never Have To Be Ashamed of the Bible: Stand With the One Million Who Honor The Bible

The woman made a living digging up dirt.

Actually, the woman dug up the dirt of Megiddo — the same Megiddo that is known as Armageddon.

In other words, she dug up the end of the world.  Because, yeah: the world has enough women who know how to do their hair — it needs more women to do hard and holy things. 

Women who get to the bottom of things, women who aren’t afraid of going against the current, women who don’t stand on the sinking sand of popular things, but on the rock solid truth of eternal things.

With a brush in one hand and the Bible in the other, Guetta, swept away time and the remains of 34 cities, and the shards of all their clay gods. 

The woman knew you had to dig up the dirt of last battles, because she knew:

You can only win your battles if you know where the real battles are happening.

That old book in Guetta’s hand? She thought it was an ancient, dead book, a book of myths and legends and historical stories to search for archaeological details, the artifacts of dozens of cultures that believed in a myriad of gods.

Esther Havens
Archaeologist & Esther Havens’s sister, Jennifer Guetta
Esther Havens
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Esther Havens
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Archaeologist & Esther Haven’s sister, Jennifer Guetta
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Esther Havens
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Esther Havens
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Esther Havens
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C., coming November 2017
Esther Havens

Until Guetta felt hunted by a darkness she couldn’t shake.

There is a darkness that can make you seek the light. Guetta said she tried to outrun that darkness, but that the darkness didn’t shrink back at the name of Allah, or Buddha, or Shiva or even Jewish prayers — but  that darknesss fled at the name of Jesus.

And Guetta picked up her Bible and read line after line — and for the first time in her life, Guetta knew it, coudn’t stop declaring it to anyone who would listen: “This book is alive!”

“The very book which I used to undermine, came to life and it had character… His name was Jesus and He was still the same after 2000 years,” Guetta said.  The Bible is a living book that has lasted already more than 2500 years and even though scientists, scholars and archaeologists have tried to pull it apart they have not been able to stop God’s Word from spreading all over the world… just as Jesus predicted.”

Guetta knows it by heart and in her veins and bones: “For all humanity is like grass, And all its glory like a wildflower. The grass withers, and the flower falls off, but the WORD of the Lord endures forever.… (1 Peter 1:24.) History passes away but God’s word truly endures forever.”

Popular words endure only long enough to get social media’s ovation — but God’s Word endures forever and will be standing unwaveringly at the end of creation.

Guetta’s words dig up bits of the last battle: “It seems today that the spirit of “tolerance” is everywhere, and is being confused with ‘love.’ People don’t want to sound like they are discriminating others. But real love is actually telling them about the freedom that only Jesus can give. We cannot tolerate everything to bring peace to the world. Only Jesus brings real peace — because only Jesus defeats darkness.”

And I reach over and grab that Book and we’re the People of the Book who hold on to this Word because:

Selecting a few favourite passages to the exclusion of others, is like selective hearing. You grow deaf to the whole heart of God.  Only the whole Bible can heal our whole heart.

Only those who love the whole Bible — know a whole lot about love.

We can’t be about love — unless we’re about loving His love letter that ultimately defines love, explains love, claims to know what love is and Who love is.  No one is really for Love if they’re actually forsaking the Scriptures.

Walk back from Scriptures, and you walk back from the Saviour who saves —  and then you walk by what you feel, instead of by what His Word reads.

You can’t love like Jesus — and walk back from the love letter He lived by.  That’s not walking a slippery slope —- that’s walking straight off the edge of a cliff.

We’re the People of the Book who hold on to this Word because:

They can try to put the Bible out of business, they can try to amputate bits of it, reinterpret it, belittle it, dismiss it, or distance themselves from it — but it’s the very Word of God that breathed the cosmos into this choreography of glory and His words on the page form an oxygen for flame in the soul, in the bone, and it is what resuscitates the alienated and the subordinated and the agitated and it breathes warm breath of relentless resurrection into the dry bones of dying marriages.

We’re the people of the Book who hold onto the Word because:

It breathes expanding hope into the shrivelled lungs of the overstressed and depressed and oppressed and do not doubt that this Word is living and this Word cannot be slain, and it will not restrained and it will not once return void.

The pages of His Word do not hold not the words of a good man, but either an insane man or of the God-man; not the words of a loved teacher, but either a lunatic or the Lord of Lords, a crazy madman or your King and Messiah.

Disregard Him, demonize Him, disdain Him or declare Him divine, but do not deign Him merely a sage because He never said He was some guru, He said He was The Word who takes away the sins and wounds of the world.

We hold on to this Word because:

If you want to know how things are going to turn out every day — read the Bible every day.

Turns out — God is still in control, you are still in His hands, He is always good and you are always loved.

We hold on to this Word because: You will be able to handle your world, as well as you handle His Word.

Our greatest source of relief is not running from the world, but running to the Word… not running from our life — but running to God’s lifeline.

There is a Word that finds you when you can’t find your bravest self, that touches the edges of you when you feel like you’re crumbling away, that  knows you, renames you, remakes you, revives you, and it is not an idle word for you; it is your life. And by this word you will prolong your days, and by this word, you will have a blazing light to find your way forward, and by this word, you will find what you’ve spent your whole life looking for. 

Around our old barn beam farm table, kids pile in and steaming plates are served up, and when those plates are pretty much licked clean, those eight drawers built right into that farm table are opened.

Eight dovetail drawers, that hold eight bibles, open after every meal, and as a family, we take up His Word, open the only Word that is actually living,  alive, and we eat the only Living Bread at every meal because our soul never stops being famished for Him and we’d be fools to starve our own beings.

And we hold the Word in our hands where the last battle will happen — the last battle that decides what is Truth, what is Faith, what is Love. 

We hold in our hands to the end of the world, the Word that which cannot and will never be, defeated, destroyed, decimated, deterred or devalued.

We excavate Grace and Truth and hold in our hands…. the heartbeat of God.

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After viewing a wide range of their Bibles at their gathering center in Oklahoma, I could not be more excited about this, could not be anticipating this more: Museum of the Bible is a 430,000 square foot museum opening in Washington DC — just blocks from the Capital and the National Mall.

When it opens in November 2017, it will be the most technology advanced museum in the world — and it’s sole purpose is to get people engaged with the Bible.

Join me in a movement to honor the Bible, and add your name to Museum of the Bible’s One Million Names campaign!  

The Museum of the Bible’s One Million Names Wall will display the names of one million people who honor the Bible — please, be one of them, add your name to the wall? By adding your name, you are leaving a legacy and sharing your commitment to the Bible with the world.

As you make your declaration, you will be entered for the chance to win a trip to tour the museum with me (and really, you could not tour this museum with anyone more excited) before it opens to the public!

Let’s experience the emotion, inspiration and thoughts provoked by the impact, narrative and history of the Bible.

This truly is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity.

Museum of the Bible will fly you and a guest round trip to Washington D.C., provide a hotel stay for two nights, & schedule a pre-opening tour with you, so this Bible-loving farm girl can tour the museum with you. There is no entry fee or donation required to enter this drawing, but you must register to win before June 30.