it’s okay to say it out loud — We’re All Really Waiting & Wanting & Ready for This:

Tell me —

You’re ready to Break Free too?

From the noise that deafens and duct-tapes love, the anger that cuts the only house we all call home right in half, from the divisions that mangle and maul all that could make our one roof strong.

Ready to break free from the agony of your Egypt, from your too-long exile, from your every day prison of never being enough, of having to prove and perform and perfect till your neglected soul feels infected with what it feels like everyone else expects, ready to break free from worry, and panic —– from the merciless tyranny of the fear of suffering.

Tell me —

Tell me, you’re ready to Break Free too from the small boxes your heart has stuffed itself into, because it’s felt like it’s too much, feeling like you’re too much heart or too much midsection, too much emotion or too much mental commotion,

Boxed up and confined and defined

by these lies pounding loud in your head, by your hounding past, by the sharp, stinging edge of wounds that have lashed you deeply …. or you’ve soundlessly cut yourself.

Tell me,

You’re ready to Break Free too, from relentless bondage, from sins that steal your first love, that kill your hope for change, that destroy your courage, from the idols that have you enslaved to their strategy, instead of emancipated to the freedom of His sovereignty,

ready to break free from the distortion of your redemption that tangles in the mirror, from the twisting of the truth of the beauty of who you even now are becoming, from the violation of your one given and unshakeable identity.

Tell me, You’re ready to Break Free too, from feeling forced to climb ladders higher, to consume more, from the deceit of the things that glimmer and shimmer and flake away, from wanting more things so you can hold the joy of becoming more, experiencing God more, of giving your heart more,

ready to break free from distractions and procrastination and condemnation, from the idea of the ideal life, from the perpetual lie of the perfect, from the soul-sucking rat race and run with unshatterable peace this spiritual race of faith set before you,

because you absolutely must break free from the tepid waters of ease and cynicism and apathy and negativity that are daily determined to slowly boil your one soul.

Tell me,

You’re ready to Break Free

from anger too, because Jesus never meant for your soul to become a container for anger — because anger is the only toxin that destroys what it’s carried in.

Tell me,

You’re ready to Break Free

because Jesus comes to give you freely through His suffering passion what every other god forces you to try to get through striving performance.

Tell me,

You’re ready to Break Free

because Jesus makes you so brave you do not have to pray for your Hard Thing to go away, because you have His bravery that’s bigger than the hard thing.

Tell me,

You’re ready to Break Free

because Jesus, The One whose breath births galaxies into being, births healing into the heart of the broken.

Tell me,

You’re ready to Break Free, too — because Jesus.

Tell me

you are ready to Break Free into the daily habit of Joy, into the command to celebrate, into the liberating business of joy, into the worthy fight for joy — joy in Him.

Tell me, you’re ready to Break free from the fear of being buried by everything

because the truth you can never afford to forget is: 

your life is a seed — and what feels like it’s burying you,

is the soil in which you are a seed breaking wide open —

into the freedom of new life.


What if there was an evening that’s like handing you own keys to break free?

One night that’s a gift to you: to break you free from the fears, from the weight, from the pressure, from the stranglehold of all the things.

Think exhale. Think holy space. Think candles. Think more Jesus. 

Think music that sounds like the voice of worship and grace and the beauty of cruciform freedom: with Dove Award Nominated vocalist Best Female Artist of the Year, Christy Nockels.

Think gloriously, powerful moving words about breaking into the free that’s all yours right now: with Rebekah Lyons, author of You are Free.

Think of an unforgettable evening daring to take The Broken Way to abundant freedom.

Think of an evening lit with a door broken wide open to what you want most: freedom into more joy, more peace, more Jesus.  

ChristyRebekah and I, we’re so excited! Do we get to exhale relief & inhale breaking free with you? 

We’d love to meet you & live Broken Free:

  • Winterville, NC: Reimage Church, Thursday Feb 23rd 7pm ET
  • Nashville, TN: Christ Presbyterian Church, Friday Feb 24th 7pm ET
  • Memphis, TN: Trinity Baptist Church, Saturday Feb 25th 7pm ET
  • Sugar Land, TX: Sugar Land Baptist Church, Sunday Feb 26th 7pm CT
  • Arlington, TX: Lamar Baptist Church, Tuesday Feb 28th 7pm CT
  • Tulsa, OK: Evergreen Baptist Church, Wednesday March 1st 7pm CT
  • Leawood, KS: Christ Community Church, Thursday March 2nd 7pm CT
  • Eau Claire, WI: Calvary Baptist Church, Saturday March 4th 7pm CT
  • Chicago, IL: Harvest Bible Church, Sunday March 5th 6pm CT

This farm girl will be humbly and gratefully looking for you: