You So Have Miracles In Your Pocket: The Absolute Best Christmas Gift List

Turning the calendar page early this morning in our warming farm house, and there it is, in all it’s fullness —

This is the season of Advent, of coming, of the coming Kingdom of God.

This season of the coming of God, this Advent — it begins a new year for the church calendar, a fresh start.

We begin again now. With the lights shining, with the table set for the feast, with all the preparing of room and of hearts and of gifts.

What the world sees as the end of the year, the church sees as the beginning, because this is always the gentle, kind way of the Kingdom of God: the last shall be first and the first shall be last, and all things are gloriously upside down in the Kingdom of the King.

We want buckets full of things, but in the domain of God the main thing is to kindly pour your bucket out only to be fulfilled in the most meaningful kind of way.

There’s my Mason jar of wheat seeds sitting there in the kitchen windowsill.

And Advent, it comes like a seed, like a seed floating in air, soundless and gentle, without brash demands or bellowing fanfare. This season of God comes like a seed that grows us into a healing joy.

Advent comes like a small whispering, like a beckoning in, like a reaching hand that welcomes you to come.

Yes, Advent is about His coming — and He invites you to quietly to come. 

Come give in the smallest of ways, like He came small and gave Himself to you — and you get joy larger than life. 

Come feel love — by being love.

Come find your healing — by being part of the world’s healing

Yeah, tis the holly, jolly season now to GIFT it forward — to Give It Forward Today — to be the GIFT, to share the gifts, to love all the quietest giving that turns around and gives us all the greatest feast!

Because this past season?

Has been a season tender with pain, bruised with division and battered with opinions — and now is the time to all reach out our arms and give one intentional kindness, grace, gift forward today, every day, because now is the season that we live broken and given like bread because this is how we’re given a feast of love, of connection, of community, of communion.

Now is the season that in all our brokenness — we get to become an abundance of joy.

This Advent, the coming Kingdom of God — it comes through us. The Kingdom of God comes through our open, reaching hands, through our intentional gifts of grace, through our giving it forward today and becoming the gift.

Tis the season for us to come — come together as one body, as one hope, as one family that loves.

This is the season of miracles — when there are miracles in our own pockets right now. 

If your hand is willing, you could pull out a small miracle out of your pocket, a small gift — a note that made a soul stronger, a cup of something warm to soothe someone’s knotted places, a hand to help someone up, open arms just to embrace the overwhelmed and whisper grace.

Carry pocket miracles out into the world, and you’re guaranteed to find the miracle of less stress in your pocket.

These acts of kindness, they were like counting gifts, but even better. There are small miracles in  your pocket that you can pull out—and let abundance in.

It’s the most upside down thing—and it can shake you awake, it can heal you.  

Feel the breaking in of the Upside-Down Kingdom: dare to be broken and given and it breaks a bit of your own brokenness.

Yes— today we all carry around pocket miracles.

The bread that we give to feed another’s soul is what miraculously feeds ours.”

~excerpt from The Broken Way 

December 1st here and it’s the season of miracles… and now we each begin again — GIFTing each other every day with these small intentional acts of givenness — GIFTing each other these pocket miracles, the miracles we each have in our own pocket.

And you can feel it — how this coming closeness of God through brokenness to each of us, this is the miraculous gift that never fades.

That moves like a miracle into us and then through us and out into the waiting world.

Snow’s falling here today, like soundless, floating deeds of fresh ways.

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