a few of my favorite things: 2016 gift guide

Maybe you’re like me – maybe you’re running short on days, finishing lists…. Picking out the perfect gifts for the friends and family you hold dear.

Just a few of my favorite things this year, as we wrap up 2016… gifts that give back, gifts that keep warm, gifts to be worn. There’s some gifts for the world, some gifts for your soul, and some gifts? Some gifts to be read or even heard.

“When I feel worry this season, I will simply exhale. Worry is belief gone wrong. Because you don’t believe that God will get it right. And Peace is belief that exhales. Because you believe that God’s provision is everywhere – like air.” ~The Greatest Gift

From my home to yours, these have all brought us joy….

So here… here are my absolute favorite things from this year:

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 Dare to let the Realest Light break in this Christmas

Gifts that Give Back:

  1. “God Knew My Heart Needed You” — the softest swaddle to wrap your little one warm… and help bring hope to a foster home full of little heart warriors in Beijing, China.
  2. Beautiful Bangles – that support Mercy House and their maternity home in Kenya
  3. Gorgeous throws and hand-stitched textiles, partnering with and empowering women in artisan groups around the world.
  4. Handcrafted Soap — This soap does more than cleanse. It empowers. Each bar is hand-milled by refugees on the run from ISIS. When they fled, they left everything behind. But with the money they earn from this soap, they can provide for their children and rebuild their lives.
  5. Raven + Lily’s Geometric Pendant Necklace – made out of handmade, upcycled brass by at-risk women in Nairobi, Kenya.
  6. Hand-hammered Copper Candle Votive, made by refugee women in Iraq. Iraq is not the easiest place to support a family. But through Sisterhood Candles, women affected by war are becoming some of their country’s brightest new entrepreneurs. Women like Nazahat, mother of five. “I will change my life to be better than before,” she says.
  7. Fashion + Compassion’s Jamilah Cross Necklace is made by women overcoming injustice in Charlotte, NC, providing them with jobs and a steady source of income. Come also see my unqiue link of additional favorites on this beautiful site.
  8. This Sseko Designs Bag — the “Best Bucket Bag Ever” is my favorite travel bag. Handmade by artisan groups of at-risk women in Ethiopia, this bag is the perfect size to hold a laptop, and made of the best leather.
  9. Spread the word that “Hope” is always worth the risk with this Show Hope Shirt, and know your purchase is supporting orphan care efforts in Henan, China.


Gifts that Keep Warm:

  1. The warmest Sherpa Throw you’ll ever find
  2. The warmest wool socks – let me tell you, with a Canadian winter? We live in socks just. like. these.


Gifts to Be Read and Gifts to Be Heard:

  1. Rend Collective? Yeah – they are some of the very best.
  2. The most beautiful set of classic Anne of Green Gables books…
  3. Jason Gray has the kindest heart… and his music speaks right to my soul…
  4. Dare to take The Broken Way with friends and family — join us here with this Study Guide and DVD sessions?
  5. My absolute favorite Christmas CD this season… Christy Nockels, you are a gift to us all!
  6. The NYTimes bestseller: The Broken Way – the daring path into abundant life. “This is the best book, other than the Bible, I have EVER read. No kidding.” ~Doug M
  7. Okay – this? The Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theatre? This will be a family favorite for years and years to come.


Gifts to Be Worn:

  1. The best plaid flannel shirt — perfect for the Farm.
  2. Ask all my people — this shirt? I’m pretty much never without it. The most comfortable denim shirt. Pair it you’re your favorite t-shirt underneath and a comfortable pair of black jeans… and you’ll have my go-to outfit, right there.
  3. Maybe my favorite boots of all time? That I wear day after day after day? And the best part…? They give back too! Buy a pair of Toms, and they’ll give a pair to someone in need.
  4. These socks are just fun – and come in the best colors ever. Perfect for stocking stuffers… or a gift all their own?


Gifts for the World:

  1. Give the gift of freedom: make a donation to Samaritan’s Purse and help persecuted Christians around the world.
  2. One of our family’s favorite Christmas activities is sitting down to flip through the Compassion catalog – and pick out the chickens or goats or water filters we can give to our brothers and sisters around the world, in honor of our friends and family…
  3. Yeah, this was the home of our littlest one. Our little China baby heart warrior. We sponsor two of these sweet little faces – help provide them with the monthly care they so desperately need… the medications, the doctors appointments, the snuggles. You can join us? Sponsor a baby, too?
  4. You can stand with World Relief – scroll through their catalog and pick out gifts for at-risk families around the world – in honor of the loved ones in your life.
  5. Give the gift of literacy – choose to give books and education to children in villages in Indonesia with Partners Intl.


Gifts for your Soul:

  1. The most thoughtful gift for a friend who is struggling this season – a Bottle of Tears. “You keep track of all my sorrows.  You have collected all my tears in your bottle.  You have recorded each one in your book.”  Psalm 56:8 – this bottle is one of the very loveliest, and will remind your loved one that they are not forgotten – always seen and known.
  2. Yeah, this journaling Bible is a beautiful addition to your morning quiet time – soak in the quiet and the stillness and write out your prayers… your thoughts… as you read His Words.
  3. This set of Bibles – the “Reader’s Bible”, created without any verse numbers or chapter markings, for a new kind of Bible reading experience.
  4. The Cradle-to-Cross Wreath — a way to begin unforgettable traditions through Advent, Lent and the Days of Easter, that invites the whole family into the Light of Christ.
  5. This Olive Wood Cross – the handmade cross that fits perfectly in hand – this travels with me everywhere I go.
  6. A beautiful leather journal to hold your heart-prayers… or maybe your counted gifts?


Gifts… that are just Plain Fun:

  1. Our littlest one loves these crayons – and I love the convenient tin. The perfect gift for little hands.
  2. Someone went and came up with a way to combine a French Press and a travel mug, and it just might be my favorite gift to give these days. Perfect for mornings when you’re rushing out the door… and the best bonus? Your coffee stays piping hot all day long.
  3. Along the same lines as the coffee press – this water bottle keeps my water ice cold and the designs are absolutely beautiful.
  4. I have a weakness for all things Shaker aesthetic – and this bread board is kinda just the best.
  5. This mug right here – I would like my coffee out of this hand-warming mug right here, every morning please.
  6. The best wooden trivet, the perfect fit for any kitchen.
  7. All the colors! All the pencils! My favorite set of colored pencils for the little artist at heart.
  8. Okay — so maybe this isn’t necessarily “fun”, but keeping my family safe on the internet? That makes this Mama smile. We use recently started to use Circle in our home… and so far, I’ve loved every minute.
  9. I already warned you of my love for the Shaker aesthetic – these are perhaps my favorite salad tongs ever…
  10. My “Love You More” pillow cushion – is there really any more description necessary?
  11. For baking – for memories – for little hands rolling out dough. The most beautiful cookies, made possible with this fun little tool.
  12. This is a new addition to our home – but let me tell you. This Christmas season? We’ve had the diffuser going almost constantly with all sorts of Christmas oils and smells. It makes the whole house smell like Christmas – and we all can’t get enough.


“Your name as been drawn. Come to Him just as you are. Give up trying to be self-made: this is your gift to Him – and His gift to you. Simply come. The miracle of Christmas is that you get more than proof of God’s existence. You get the experience of God’s presence.” ~The Greatest Gift

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