This is Us: Humans, Meet Humans [Pt. 2: Thanksgiving Edition]

This is us.

So give us
your brave and your battling,
Your holding-on people, aching to break free,
The struggling and the straggling and the God-fastening,
And the bold who never give up, who keep showing up, who keep looking up…

Give us these who wage peace, who are more than peacekeepers, but peacemakers, with their willing, listening ear and their stretching, catching hands
and the places they make safe with the immensity and generosity
of their one wide open heart.

Give us these who say

This is Us.






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This is us

who may not look alike but like looking
like Love Himself.

This is us
who hug each other and stand with each other and pray with each other,
who may not think the same
but know that amazing grace makes us all the same kind of different.

This is us 

who may not agree
but agree that disagreeing with each other doesn’t mean that
we disassociate, disdain or dismiss each other

but display kindness to each other.

This is us
who hold babies, who hold strong, who hold on,
who hold on to each other,
no matter what gets unleashed.

This is us
who walk through the noise of the world and 
only speak words that make souls stronger,
who stand in the midst of things and

know it’s not that we aren’t going to get things wrong,
but it’s what right things that we do afterward
who sit down and embrace hard and holy things in a world of pain…

Because there isn’t a moment that doesn’t hold sacrifice,
either the sacrifice of discipline,

or the sacrifice of disappointment,
or the sacrifice of doxology.

This is Us
who keep forgiving,
who keep care-giving,
who live thanksgiving,
because all our giving is always
the most life-giving,
living broken and given
like bread, like an outstretched Cross, like the given Christ.

Give us these who say This is Us
who live by grace, giving grace, giving thanks for grace,
because grace is a staggering thing that never becomes cliche
because grace is a shattering thing —-
and that kind of shattered brokenness turns out to be
the beginning of startling abundance….

Give us these who say This is Us
who make their Thanksgiving into ThanksLiving
and know the joy of this in the bravery of their bones:
that —

Giving is the new thanks.

This is the beauty of all of Us.

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