Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [11.26.16]

Happy, happy, happy weekend!
Some real, down in the bones JOY to celebrate today! Links & stories this week 100% guaranteed to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in a Good God redeeming everything — and that there’s love everywhere & for ((you))! 

Serving up only the Good Stuff for you right here: 

Esther Havens | Sunset in the Negev Desert
Esther Havens | Sunset in the Negev Desert
Esther Havens | Jerusalem
Esther Havens | Sea of Galilee - where Jesus walked on water
Esther Havens | Sea of Galilee – where Jesus walked on water

 wanna come to Israel right now with one of my favourite people?


uh huh. yeah — kinda crazy….

Manne0708: Reddit

who can’t like how this girl thinks: she just completed the ‘World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle’

alrighty now: how’s this for morning motivation?

Project 365 by Campbell
Project 365 by Campbell
Project 365 by Campbell
Project 365 by Campbell
Project 365 by Campbell
Project 365 by Campbell

 you’ve gotta love this #TheBrokenWay #BeTheGIFT

so? what do you think?

too good not to pass along?

Tyndale House Publishers are giving away FREE embroidered felt Jesse Tree ornament sets: a copy of  Unwrapping the Greatest Check it out right here

one of the best Christmas ads ever?

the nester
the nester

I just love this woman:  some really fun and easy craft ideas for the season

we gathered ’round this one

yes, please: How a Heavy Heart Gives Thanks

you gotta come see what this judge does to refresh his soul

5 Things I’m Thankful for as  Parent of a Child on the Autism Spectrum

the power of the dinner table: yes, yes, yes

Advent starts tomorrow? Pulling out our Advent wreaths 

…nothing slows us down through Advent & creates a gathering place for us all every evening like this 24 Day Advent Wreath —because we don’t want to miss Jesus this year.


The Greatest Gift … &  Unwrapping The Greatest Gift —

let’s give all the happiest gift of more Jesus this year:

Click over to The Greatest Christmas and 

check out our whole library of free printable ornaments, Christmas cards,

gift tags, gifts boxes, scavenger hunt, Sticky Notes for Your Soul, Advent Calendars and more —

our gift to you for The Greatest Christmas!

I so want to do this with you every week in December: Let’s virtually go to Europe for Christmas, all of us! We’re just gonna start this little series visiting European towns celebrating Christmas every week this month — I love that we’re going to do this together!

This is Us: Humans, Meet Humans [Pt. 2: Thanksgiving Edition]

go ahead— let your loved ones do this to your heart

oh. – just… please don’t miss this one



It’s Tonight! Night Before Advent Party

This is the year to not Miss Him — 

& give the whole family the utterly Perfect Gift:  The Gift of Meaning 

The Gift of the Gospel —  could there be a better gift? 

 The Whole FREE “Night Before Advent” Kit is right here for you!

You people! (!!) You’ve made our little book with a huge, honest heart land on the NYTimes 3 straight weeks now (!!!!!) 

 And —  did you know that I’m waiting right around the corner from you right now?

Let’s — find a Barnes a Noble & slip into the quiet of books & exhale?  Because I’m sitting there, my whole honest heart is — right there on the shelf. 

For weeks, I sat in hospital rooms with our little girl & in doctor’s offices and on the farm’s front porch, & signed stacks & stacks & stacks (!) of #TheBrokenWay just for you & now they’re waiting for you on the shelves at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide right now (!!!)  Yeah, for real — signed, sealed & delivered to a shelf at B&N right around the corner from you, right now, just while supplies last.

I promise you, I prayed over every single book… I prayed for you.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.20.18 AM

Pick up a copy of #TheBrokenWay like a set of keys — and maybe even pick up a few and give it forward to all your people:  the gift of breaking free. 

absolute heart fireworks in the most gorgeous way #TheBrokenWay #BetheGIFT
“This video represents the next chapter in the now near four-year-old story of our church’s ministry to refugees in a North Fort Worth complex. It is a testament to what can happen when God’s people respond in simple, yet sacrificial obedience to God’s call on the Church, His Bride, to engage and embrace people of all tongues and tribes.”

  [ Print’s FREE here: ]

so, the deal is? We aren’t about to let anything steal our thanksgiving today.
We aren’t letting hard times steal our thanksgiving,
We aren’t letting hard sells steal our thanksgiving,
We aren’t letting hard knocks steal our thanksgiving.
Because all of us folks down in the trenches know it:
If you let something steal your thanksgiving?
You let something steal your joy,
And if you let something steal your joy?
You let something steal your strength.
So in the midst of our Big Things, our Ugly Things, our Hard Things, in the midst of All Things,
We give thanks to God — not because of how we feel
but simply because of Who. He. Is.
We’re on it, O Beautiful Lord & Giver of All —
The one thing we must pray to be great at is thanksgiving — because it’s the one thing that makes God great in our lives.


[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

Dare to fully live!

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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