how to sing your part in the world’s broken-hearted hallelujah

If I lay close enough to her at night

I can hear my baby girl’s literal broken heart beating under her scars.

And under stars, I pull her closer,

and tell her a secret she’s got to know about this blue spinning marble of a planet:

Though this World is broken, it is beautiful.

Though your heart will break, that’s where the love will get in,

and though you may feel kinda broken, that’s right where the kindest love will leak out.

This could change everything. 

A Dad jumps off a bridge in New Jersery  with his two kids.

ISIS is being pummelled with more airstrikes than any other 7-day period in this war against the Islamic state.

50 million children sit as refugees this very moment… and more than half of those refugees fleeing from conflict are Child Refugees.

Headlines scaled with the most contentious campaign in living history.

My daughter breathes deep in sleep, her every breath a hoping that the world, that all of us figure it out. And this, this is the miracle that can happen in a broken world and we can be those  making a broken world into a more beautiful world:

Love is really love—when you are loving the unlovable.

Forgiveness is really forgiveness—when you are forgiving the unforgivable.

Faith is really faith—when you believe for the unbelievable.

And there is a grace that says even this is not impossible and that makes you one of the impossables.

In a world of confusion and contention, of war of and strife and suffering and brokenness, we could get to be one of the imposs-ABLE who do imposs-able things:

The world needs us who will wage love in the face of war.

The world hurting for people who will daily choose intentional acts of kindness to preemptively destroy acts of violence.

The world’s begging for us to be the broken and brave who know when the stakes are the highest, kindness matters the greatest, who believe that the strange brokenness of the world can be healed a bit by the kindness of strangers and the smallest seeds of kindness can begin to break the worst kind of brokenness.

I know, Brave Heart, I know — Your heart may be busted and bruised and a kind of broken but this is the healing secret of what you do with your one broken heart — you give glorious bits of it away, because this is the way you begin to  heal. 

Because there is no deep healing in our hearts — until we are part of deep healing in the world. We keep  healing as we keep being healers.

Because the best way to love in a brokenhearted world, is to feel along for the brokenness in things, 

and then break off bits of our own hearts and pour them into that brokenness — to make a kind of wholeness.

Listen for the pain in the world today and pour love into it.

Listen for the ache of things today and lodge a bit of your heart in right there.

Listen today, listen — the broken beat of the world needs a bit of the grace of you, of Him.

So serenade strangers on the street and smile at the neighbour next door today and wave longer and harder at the mailman and strand on a street corner, any corner,

your corner and hand out as many compliments as you can and tell one woman she is beautiful and tell one old man how needed he is, and Give It Forward Today into the ache of the world —

– be the GIFT — give forward the grace you’ve tasted, the comfort you’ve known, the love you’ve felt, give forward a bit of the kindness you have found and the gifts you’ve seen and the wounds of the world are counting on the people of the Word to bind up the brokenness with broken off bits of their own heart.

Because the best answer to the suffering in the world is to dare to take The Broken Way —

Dare to be brave — break free from fears…

Dare to live vulnerable — break open your heart…

Dare to sacrifice and surrender — live broken & given into the greatest abundance.

Because with-ness breaks brokenness and shame is a bully and grace is a shield and never be afraid of broken things, because this is how He is remaking everything.

So, Beat, broken heart, beat on in the world.

You will be broken and you will be loved.

Dare to take The Broken way.

You don’t ever have to be afraid.


The Broken Way – A Daring Path into the Abundant Life: Take the Dare

Our story of taking The Broken Way and being broken and givenThis one’s for all of us who have felt our hearts break a bit

This one’s for the brave and the busted and the real and dreamers and the sufferers and the believers.

This one’s for those who dare to take The Broken Way… into abundance

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How to sing your part in a hurting & brokenhearted world: 

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