Dear Fears Trying To Break Us All

Dear Fears Trying to Break Us:

So you fears may be wedges thinking you can try to drive us all apart, divide us, but you don’t know how we’re seeing things.

You think you can divide us apart and conquer us and imprison us in small places, in small lives, with high fences — that keep out hope and possibility and each other and the lives we really want.

My grandmother used to say when I started to feel a bit undone, the way she had a saying for everything: Feed a cold, starve a fever.

So we’re giving you notice here, all you nagging fears, to the plan:

When the world starts feeling a bit undone: Feed your faith, starve your fears.

You can count on it, right about now:

We’re feeding our faith in the Maker of all people, feeding our faith in hope and mercy and the Slayer of Giants, feeding our faith in redemption and making resurrection our refrain and gorging on grace and feasting on the glory of God in the moment, the sky like this, and the air in your lungs like this, and our hearts thrumming alive in our ears like this.

We’ve grabbing all you fears a bit by the jugular because we’ve know it:

Fear is the every day enemy.


Fear can be your cancer, your addiction, your hidden habit, fear can be your jailer, your poison, your daily blade of self-harm. Fear can be your anaesthetic, what you let come freeze you everyday, lock you up, and suck away your life.

Fear can snuff out your soul while you keep on breathing for years. Fear is the most common brain tumor, always beginning in your mind.

And you fears? You may think you can make us cynical about dreams and apathetic about hope and dubious about possibility and people and prospects.

But we’re all over you: Fear isn’t meant to drive our lives — it’s meant to teach us something about our lives. Fear’s a chameleon that wears a thousand different masks and there are ways to see the realest, truest, surest things.

Fears can sound loud and look like anger… or can strut about and rant like pride … or can grow deafly quiet and look like numbness, or apathy or indifference or a dream running in the wrong direction.

But the thing is:

Find your fears — find your idols.

Find where the fear lurk, look them in the eye until you know their realest name, say their name out loud and you find that every fear can be a mask for an idol.

Sit long enough in the quiet —- and let the fear get close enough — the thing that seems like your worst nightmare — and then let your hand flash out like fireball of fierce redemption, rip that flimsy mask off and name the fear for what it is.

Break your idols — and you break free of all your fears.

So there’s this slow crushing all those fears to a fine powder and we’ve all made it a deal:

Be better at letting go of your fears than letting go of your joy.

We don’t have to worry about what’s up ahead — because Christ is the head of everything.

We don’t have to fear what’s around the next corner — because Christ is already there too.

We don’t have abide in our fears — because we can abide in our Father.

There’s a believing it, a living it:

Fear is a liar and Love hands out keys.

Love is infinite and Love can’t ever end and if Love doesn’t ever run out, what is there ever to fear?

There will still be love when the worst happens and when the hope doesn’t happen, there will be still love when everything’s crumbling and there will be enough love to rebuild, there will there will be enough love to keep breathing, to keep believing, to keep being and being brave.

Fear can be what we feel — but brave is what we do.

There’s enough Brave in us to believe that though the world is broken, there is light getting in…

That though the busted road ahead may head through the dark, there is more than enough Love around every bend that will carry more than you can imagine….

That though there may be battles ahead to brave, as long as we keep holding on to Love, there is never any losing.

It’s strange how that is — how hate is never the enemy like fear actually is, and every fear shatters, breaks away, when it turns to face the relentless love that will not stopped by anything.

So this is our story of breaking our fears — our story of living broken and given and loving large — but it’s really a story for us all.

Together — we can be free.

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