because we need space to be held for us to just weep


he world weeps.

The world weeps, needing peacemakers who let the broken bits of their heart fill in all the cracked pieces & places in the world, us all becoming bridges.

The world weeps, needing to hear a lot more good news — and maybe that starts with each of us beggars who’ve found bread sharing more of the sustenance of Good News.

The news that there is a Wounded Healer who touches our scars with His scars and says, ‘I know & I see & no matter how it seems, there’s more happening than you see, and this isn’t over yet.‘ 

The news that these days that are dry & brittle, ready to snap — these days are perfect kindling for a burning bush. Watch for burning bushes on days like this. God will meet us here, speak to us here, lead us through here.

Hope is a salve that keeps our broken hearts soft… 

And maybe now more than ever, we need to hold on to the hope and the desperate need of us all being kind to one another. No one ever killed anyone with kindness —- evil is killed by kindness. The rest of us are resurrected by kindness…

Kindle us with kindness, Lord, keep us with kindness, kiss us with kindness.

Please, resurrect us all with the bravest, revolutionary kindness…

Because the world weeps, needing prayer warriors who don’t see prayer as the least we can do but the most we can do — and then literally get down on their knees & pray us all through this heart ache and into His healing light. 

In the name of Jesus, the only One who loved all of us to death & back to real & forever life again,