For Paris

or all of us stunned and staggering about with broken hearts,

for all the people of Paris: We weep with you. We grieve with you. We break with you.

And there is never any grieving alone — God catches every single tear (Ps. 56:8) and the people of the world

stand with all the grievers today, believing miracles are watered by our tears and shared tears are

multiplied healing…and that God never lets the last line of any story be shattered pieces.

Lord, there were explosions last night, attacks last night, brave mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who have fallen like stars, tears that have fallen from the shattered hearts of mothers,

and we fall to our knees before the Wounded Healer who cups His hands to catch every falling tear and sparrow and breaking heart in His palms, palms that have our names engraved right into Him far deeper than any of earth’s sorrow.

We pray for Paris, pray to You Who catches everything falling so we don’t fall apart,

pray that the City of Love feel our fierce love, and the courage of a globe of prayers, and the rising Light

that cannot be overcome by the dark,

that cannot be afraid of the dark,

that will always, always, always crush the dark. 

In Jesus’ name… Amen.