how to not miss your one life — or overcommit the one life you’ve got

When Susie Larson  first interviewed me on her show Faith Radio, I knew I had met kin. I’m an intense introvert — I’ll answer a ringing phone less than a handful of times a year. But when I get off the phone with Susie? Absolutely energized. Because she speaks of Jesus  — exudes Him, loves Him, knows Him, exalts Him. No one ushers you right into a sacred, God-saturated place quite like Susie Larson. And her latest book, Your Sacred Yes — is a book I’ve been counting down days to crack open and drink deeply from. Susie’s insights help: discern the best use of your time and gifts, confidently pursue God’s unique desires for you, stretch your faith and deepen your impact. I cannot recommend Susie Larson or her words to you highly enough — this woman is a gift to the church. On the farm’s front porch today…

by Susie Larson

have a question for you: Are we missing it?

Have we as God’s people—who endure this crazy-paced culture—given away a mindset that looks for and enjoys the presence of God?

Have we allowed the precious gift of expectancy to slip through our fingers?

How often do we cup our hand to our ear and listen for heaven’s song over our lives?

Are we so bogged down with life-draining commitments that we’ve forgotten how good a belly laugh feels or how rich a time of quiet prayer can be?

Do we relegate praise and worship to an hour on Sunday and thereby miss out on singing at the top of our lungs every other day of the week?

Has it occurred to the majority of us that God longs for us to take more life-giving path than the one we’re on?

Sometimes we over commit for all the wrong reasons (pride, insecurity, fear, hastiness).

Other times we have the best of intentions for giving away our time (a good cause, a great need, there’s nobody else).

Either way, we need to ask ourselves some probing questions:

  • Do the vast majority of our yeses increase our faith and fill us with a greater expectancy of how God is moving in our midst? Or, do they drain us to the point that we find ourselves weary, simply rushing from one thing to the next?
  • Are we captive to our commitments, or free to respond to God’s invitation to do life with Him?
  • Is our current path a catalyst to increasing joy and faith or does all of our rushing make us more prone to worry and fear?
  • When we assess honestly the time we give away to our various commitments, do we find behind it all a divinely inspired soul growing in grace and strength? Or are we a spent and weary soul, losing steam by the day?
Nothing drains us more than signing up for things God never asked us to do.

Yet, all too often that’s exactly where we lose our way.

When we live shackled to others’ opinions, expectations, and requirements, we give away our yes because of a lie. We commit to things in order to save face, and as a result, we miss out on God’s invitation to fully entrust ourselves to Him.

Days will fly by and sacred moments will continue to elude us until we decide to hit the brakes and take inventory of what’s driving us.

Sadly, once we’ve secured our eternity, far too many of us live like the rest of the world.

We rush from one thing to the next.

We worry about the same things the lost world does.

We enslave ourselves to the same things many others are addicted to. We commit ourselves to lots of things—many of them good things, but things God never asked us to commit to.

When we forget—or become too busy—to tap into the provision and power God has made available to us, we find ourselves weary, rushed, earthbound people who merely react to our circumstances.

From the outside looking in, we look like everybody else—tired, overworked, and underjoyed.

But Jesus invites us to live as joyful, secure, expectant people who respond to the nudges of the Holy Spirit within us, who live awakened to the adventure of faith God invites us to, and who believe that as kingdom people, everywhere we place our feet, the spiritual atmosphere changes, because Christ-in-us has led us there.

When we miss the greater promise written over our lives, others miss out on something God intended to give them through us.

Someone once said, “A thousand people wait on the other side of your obedience.”

How do we redeem our moments and eternally invest them?

  • We pray, “Lord, give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to do Your will.”
  • We refuse to run through our days without a sense of God’s presence. We cultivate a lifestyle of prayer
  • We accept our limitations and dare to say no if God hasn’t given us a yes
  • We tackle our everyday tasks with a heart of faith, trusting God to multiply our efforts and show us His heart for the things He’s given us to do
  • We embrace an expectancy that as we abide in Him and steward what He gives, more will be given to us and through us, when we’re ready for it

Consider this an invitation to break free from the bondage of others’ opinions, over-commitment, and the un-appointed obligations that drain us dry and steal our joy.

It’s time to reclaim our days so that our moments matter in the greater scheme of things. Both our nos and our yeses matter to God because He loves us best and He’s the one who can make the most of our days and our moments.

Jesus invites us to walk intimately with Him, to abide with Him and in Him in such a way that our life abounds in life-giving fruit—solid evidence that we’re connected to a supernatural Source.

He invites us to experience His kingdom power mightily at work in us, through us, and all around us.

That’s the invitation.

Life is a gift. Time is a treasured commodity.

When we open our hands and give what we have to Jesus—be it our moments, our gifts, our time, or simply room and space for Him to show up—we find life to be a sacred journey.

When we do life with a consistent awareness of God’s presence in our midst, we find joy.

And that’s the place where healing, fulfillment, and abundance happen.

Jesus invites us to live purposeful and passionate, focused and free.

It’s time to grab hold of our moments and cherish our days —

the way Jesus cherishes us.


Susie Larson is a talk radio host, national speaker, and author of ten books

This is the book I’ve been waiting for.  When Susie first told me about this book 2 years ago — I begged her to get the words down, because as a mama, a wife, a neighbour, a friend — I desperately needed every word.  This is the book that hands you healthier, wiser new rhythms in this new season.

The Read of this Fall Season: Your Sacred Yes  are daily life-giving, powerful hope for all of us.

[ Our humble thanks to Bethany House for their partnership in today’s devotion ]