what your unlikely & unwanted places are looking for

the next glorious installment of our Unwrapping Series (have you checked these out?) so… an Unwrapping Summer post & gorgeous photos by Madyson Mayler

guest post and photos by Madyson Mayler

Summer is chock-full of long, sun filled days, spontaneous adventures and full hearts.

There is simple beauty in watching a sunset as waves crash or taking a bike ride through well worn trails.

If I could bottle it up, I’d hold onto a stash of these memories forever.

I’d store them away and hit replay, never letting go.

But I can’t store them all neatly and go back—and so I’ll choose to live each day fully. Fully invested and immersed where I am.

And to live invested means no room for worry or fear — but adventure and trust.

Moment by moment, sunrise by sunset, in the radiance of a sunflower, at the foot of a mountain—l’ll see His beauty.

His glory is a song and He teaches us to count His graces in step with the rhythm of His love.

Like the grace of long days started under the sun, ending with ice cream and sunsets. Baseball games or a field of wildflowers or journaling on a front porch swing.

In the most unlikely places, He meets us with who He is.

He pursues our fickle hearts with His glory in every season, so that our hearts may boast of His love alone.

And what a gift it is—to know and be known by Him, and to uncover His beauty each day.


Madyson’s Esty Shop “Beautiefull Things” was founded in January 2012 when two teenage sisters discovered an outlet to express their love for creativity and design.  Madyson and Raegan’s prayer is that you will see what Christ can do in your life. His great power, might, glory. That you will see His love shining through them–even if it’s just a handmade scarf. He can take something ugly, and make it  BEAUTIEFULL.  You can find Maydson on Instagram here.