Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [05.16.15]

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often said I wish I could move here — what do you think? Hard to think all these wonders are in one place 

<huge grin>




so he was a dog no one wanted — that got to travel like this. Not too shabby

uh, yeah… I think we’ll all take this babysitter?


 how can you not absolutely love these two?

okay — maybe hold on to something before watching? ;)


 and fess up: every parent in forever just heaved a sigh of relief over a car like this —

self-driving cars!  for real. 

c’mon — you smiled too, right?


First? He’d saved her life several years ago as an EMT — and she never expected this!

tell me you’ve seen this? ;)


Not sure about that dream of yours? GO BE INSPIRED:  Look what he finally finished 75 yrs later

after 10 long years — no one quite expected this




most beautiful pictures ever — turns out my soul needed this

 60 years later? Never, ever give up on miracles happening

you become a hero when you don’t hesitate


 now a wall like this? is pretty much brilliant! so, what would you write? 

 think you are too old? or that you can’t go after That Thing you love? Think again. Amazing!  

Eucharisteo. why we can’t afford capturing every moment…


inseparable – because love knows no bounds

imagine seeing in color for the very first time…


Let’s make this happen everywhere: #GoodYoungMen

We say this all the time here: All work is good work…   yes, yes, yes


I completely love this woman: The Art of Nothing Doing

an ambassador of love – do. not. miss. this.

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Instagram of the week here:

“20 years ago today I was 21…. and I drove myself the 45 minutes to the hospital–because I was fine, really I was fine, & our due date was more than 4 weeks away & there was a corn crop to be planted & really, I was fine, just go to the fields and plant

and I never stopped white knuckling the steering wheel the whole way to the hospital, completely oblivious to the reality that labor had started… & it would never end, that a mother’s glorious labour never ends.

I’d called back home from the hospital, said Really, I was sure I was fine… and the Farmer told me any crop planting could wait, and yeah, he knew I was fine, but he’d just come sit with me in my fine. He parked the pickup truck in the hospital’s back parking lot, came found me in a hospital room, and whispered to this first-time mama in wide-eyed denial and a whole four weeks early — that I didn’t have to be afraid, there was nothing at all to ever be afraid of.

Tonight after our 20-year-old boy blew out the candles, the Farmer found me in the kitchen, still in a bit of choked up denial about this thing called the passage of time, and he whispered it again:

You know, there’s nothing ever to be afraid of.

Yeah– There’s never anything to be afraid of… all the hard gifts turn out to be good gifts.

And the good gifts all turn out to be forever gifts — eternal gifts that nothing or nobody can ever, ever take away from you.

And all the best gifts? All turn out to be forthcoming…. The best gifts are always still up ahead, the best is always still to come.

When the Farmer and I brought that baby boy home we lit off a few Roman candles. And tonight we stood on the front porch with him, 2 decades later, and lit off a few more.

And when the Farmer and that firstborn kid who is now a 20 year old boy, when they grinned a mile wide tonight and said good night? I looked them in the eye and nodded.

Because this messy, beautiful life all together has been that —


#1000Gifts  [don’t miss more of our crazy on Instagram?]

the joy of kindness…

okay, really — what if we all did this?

at 97? What she is doing and how she is loving? A must, must see —

speak HOPE…speak LOVE…speak LIFE


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Hey Soul? yeah, sure, we could focus on all that’s gone wrong, on all that’s still a mess — but whatever we focus on, whatever we look long at, is what we become.
“Faith is the gaze of the soul on a saving God.” (A.W. Tozer)
So, just right in the very real messy middle?
We’re looking to Jesus today — whatever we look at is what we become. 
We’re looking to Cross Love today — whatever we look at is what we become. 
We’re looking for the good & the beautiful & the lovely & the mercy & the grace & all. these. gifts. of. grace. — whatever we look at is what we become.
If you don’t take it all as gift, you end up taking it all for granted — 
which amounts to not taking anything good from life at all.

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That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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