*UPDATED: HALF A MILLION DOLLARS?!? How You all KEEP CRUSHING IT, are WAGING LOVE & DEFYING ISIS — and Livestream from Iraq Today at 12 CT

As thousands of Iraqis in the city of Ramadi are fleeing ISIS right this very moment

we said hard things to the North American church yesterday and we all didn’t turn away from what’s happening...

And we’re all standing up to defy ISIS.

You read this shattering story — and you all got LIT UP ON FIRE WITH REAL PASSION

and you’re defying ISIS by crushing hopelessness.

You’re defying ISIS by refusing to do nothing.

You’re defying ISIS by WAGING LOVE.








We had a goal of $150, 000.

Though ISIS wants to destroy their futureswe aimed to put more than 22,000 fleeing kids back into school in Iraq.

Though ISIS wants to keep women invisible and vulnerablewe aimed to empower dozens of women who had fled to the safe haven, with start-up grants for their own business, to bringing healing to their trauma by giving them real means to hope again and to keep working with key Iraqi partners for the hope of trafficked and violated Yezidis and Christians.

All in Jesus’ name.

This is where we were…

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.04.30 PM

and then….

far and wide, you used your voice and you stood up and chose to be counted as the people making a real difference with your hands in the face of the headlines. 

You all shared the story of the voiceless, you tweeted about those ISIS wants to make invisible.

You rallied your people and you believed you weren’t helpless in the face of the news and evil — but you are put where you are to do something, anything, and be the hands that help more — and  this is how you let Jesus rise up in all of you and all together crushed that $150,000 goal and crushed the dark

with nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS and climbing! (in only 3 days!)


Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.05.27 AM

Because it Literally Means:

thousands of Iraqi kids will be back in school this fall
hundreds of Iraqi women will healing and hoping and believing with their own businesses
thousands of Iraqi girls will get an education
thousands of Iraqi families will know the love of Christ…. and evil and dark and hopelessness will be crushed because you stood up in Jesus’ name and keep crushing it.
ISIS can march on and the world can be scary — we will love anyways.

The world needs people who defy cynical indifference by making a critical difference — and that is all of us togetheryou all proved that in the last 24 hours with your giving $355,000!

That’s what you all #togESTHER are doing: Every single one of us can start changing headlines when we start reaching out our hands.

That’s what you all #togESTHER are making happen: The reason your hands are where they are in this world — is to give other people in this world a hand.

Because you’re #GenEsthers, part of the Esther Generation, who know it in your bones, the chambers of your bravely pounding hearts:

Caring isn’t a Christian’s sideline hobby. Caring is a Christian’s complete career. We don’t numb out or turn away or hope someone else does something. We say NOT ON OUR WATCH. On our watch we will care.

That’s it.

Caring is our job, our point, our purpose — our joy. We’re here to care like a boss.

And that’s what all you people are doing  #togESTHER, like Esther, an #EstherGeneration — living the real good news of the Gospel for such a time as now.


for making a HALF A MILLION DOLLAR difference & WAGING LOVE & defying ISIS!

Check out the unfathomable story that started a God-fire of passion in all of you. 

Want to know you can be a part of defying ISIS?
Tune in  TODAY at 12 CT (1 ET) with us for the

Live From Iraq Livestream

where Jeremy Courtney of Preemptive Love and I will be going Behind the Issue with Jennie Allen to talk ISIS, waging love, what’s the situation on the ground in Iraq, and standing up for such a time as now as a #GenEsther. We’d love to connect with you — and connect you to this bigger story…
one of the biggest stories of our times. 

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Join us TODAY, May 21st at 12CT for the Live From Iraq livestream 

And You CAN KEEP WAGING LOVE & CRUSHING  HOPELESSNESS By Standing up as a #GenEsther, part of the Esther Generation, who for such a time as now  are being the ones who DEFY ISIS

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1. Click here to: Empower one woman to defy ISIS & start her own business

2. Click here: Defy ISIS & give fleeing, displaced kids the power of an education. Girls are especially vulnerable — invisible inventory. And boys who are not in full-time school are vulnerable to further radicalization by groups like ISIS.

But we —  we can get to DEFY ISIS.

Want to know right now how you all just changed the headlines by reaching out your hands? This is the kind of change that you going to make happen —  what together you all did. These Iraqi women who have fled ISIS or violence are being empowered with start up grants to begin businesses throughout Iraq: Abeer’s story : Widowed sisters story : James story