How to Roast the Fattened Calf of Perfectionism & Start Celebrating Your Life

So she looks me in the eye and asks me how it’s going.

And yeah — what are you gonna do but sorta, kinda smile? 

And I tell her that there are pots on the stove and crumbs on the counters and kids loud and everywhere and needing a million things —

and yes’m, wherever we are, there’s always ridiculous grace and good and there are always ridiculously hard things.














There’s all these lists. And the laundry, the books and the homework and the learning and the pots and pans.

And these kids we’re raising, they keep falling — yeah, a whole lot like their mother.

Nobody ever told me, but, it’s sorta crazy how it just comes down to this: Parenting’s this way of bending over in humility to help the scraped child up because you yourself know it takes a lifetime to learn how to walk with Him.

And then on top of all of that, there’s this fear beast that I thought I’d already wrestled down, skinned, hung and mounted — and it’s the thing that breathes again right down my neck, ugly and way too close.

It’s strange how knots in the pit of the stomach can try to undo everything.

Yeah, so I guess, really, for the life of me?

“I can’t get it all right.” I just tell her straight up. I’m a mess and there’s no getting it all right. 

“Yeah — How’s it going? I guess it’s always just about going to Jesus.”  Women can smile while their eyes are saying a million things to each other. 

Yeah — I’m a mess — and this is exactly why the bruised knees just have to bend at the table of communion, and say, yes — yes,  please.

I need Jesus.

I need His life.

I just desperately need the perfect, sinless sacrifice of Jesus Christ who can take all my broken messes and make them into mosaics of Grace.

I just desperately need to come to His table of communion so I can celebrate one ridiculously messy life. Because this is how the dictionary defines a celebrant:  “The person who stands at the table of Communion is a celebrant.”

The person who lives in communion with Christ is a celebrant!  The one keeping company with Jesus is a celebrant — is the one who gets to always celebrate grace! 

A celebrant is one who celebrates the extravagant grace of Christ.

A celebrant is the one keeping her eyes on Jesus and His perfect sacrifice — precisely because she isn’t perfect.

Precisely because: Perfectionism is slow death by self.

Perfectionism is an idol that chains you to yourself  — and blinds you to the waiting embrace of Gospel grace. 

 But grace?

Grace lets those whose messes and wounds are many — simply see Jesus and Him only.

It’s the sinners and the sick, the broken, the discouraged, the wounded and burdened — we are the ones who get to celebrate grace!

The timer’s beeps.

I pull the roast out of the oven. And grin — It’s time to roast the fattened calf of perfectionism and start celebrating the Grace of Living!

There are dishes in the sink and kids’ books and papers and life everywhere. And it’s crazy — this relief of just smiling.

Christ invites us to celebrate the full life as the celebrants — not because we’ve got it all together, but because He’s finished it all at the Cross!

The Art of Celebrating Life isn’t about getting it all right — but about receiving all His Grace.

Regardless of the mess of your life, if Christ is Lord of your life — then you are the celebrant out dancing in a pouring rain of grace!

Because when it’s all done and finished, all is well, and Christ already said it was finished.

When sin threatens to deafen you — listen for the soft sound of His sandalled feet coming to literally hold you away from the lies that threaten to condemn you. 

I light a candle for the table — two, three!

This could be the full living: make every moment communion with Him, be the celebrant and let a celebration of Grace inhabit the days —  let God open the hands, lift the arms and make us even here into praise, a rising incense, a certain song.

Aren’t all the worshippers celebrants? When should we stop worshipping? When should we stop celebrating grace even when all the crazy starts — or never stops?

Grace is sufficient, grace is amazing, and grace is for everyone imperfect.

The only thing you require to get His grace — is that you get that you’re a mess. 

I wipe off the counters just before dinner — cup my hand at counter’s edge for the crumbs and the mess and whatever comes —

and then turn towards the table already set and call everyone just to come.



Resources: Daily Grace Pitcher and Daily Grace Creamer
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