Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [11.29.14]


All of this beauty around our world?

 this. is. wild. In all the best of ways. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.13.33 AM

 idaw in the world does tennis olidayelp a 10-year-old girl beat cancer?

dare you to get through this one & not feel choked up with the wonder of giving? 



seriously. when snow becomes art? Anything can. And perspective changes everything. Amazing 

sometimes? a tree is a lot more than just a tree — and then you fly! 


ahhhh — they’d make really great neighbours, don’t you think?


this is all almost too amazing to grasp – extraordinary

okay, so it’s the man’s kiss thrown to heaven & the woman’s “thank you Jesus”
isn’t Love a pretty beautiful thing?


This 9-yr-old? has collected has done something that’s going to make you smile   – and he’s not finished yet

one to show the kids? grinning from ear to ear here


something pretty special

The boys showed me this & it was hard to believe. There was much debate on the farm over this Un.Believable(!) few minutes


A true hero to the men and women she protected. This beautiful story brings tears.

oh,  crazy joy!


Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 2.33.38 PM

what started off as a photographer convincing his kids to eat fruit –  turned into this 

 love — times a thousand 

To God be the glory…great things He has done. The wonder of something like this 



these unusual friendships? absolute must see —


How do you not just love people like this?
At 93? She’s been working for 75 years at the same company

what do the homeless want for Christmas? choked. up.




Post of the week from these parts here:

What You Need to Get Through Your Darkest Days of the Year & Light Your Way from Advent to Christmas

Sometimes you just need a tradition
that somehow changes your condition… the conditions of everything.
In the middle of a week that moves directly from the tradition of Giving Thanks to God —-

to the tradition of Advent & Wanting & Waiting for More of God…

these are the traditions — that change the conditions of everything:

are you ready — *HE. IS. COMING.* He! is! Coming!

Let’s have the Greatest Christmas and Check out our whole library of free printable ornaments, cards, gift tags, gifts boxes, Sticky Notes for Your Soul, Advent Calendars and more — our gift to you for The Greatest Christmas


Time — you only have so much time here — you’ve got to see this

Charlie Brown Christmas dancing on the streets of NYC?

Do We Get To Meet You & Celebrate Christmas Together?


So… how about an evening that’s like a gift just for you

where you feel the wonder of CHRISTmas again?

Think candles.

Think music that sounds like the voice of an angel: with Dove Award Winner for Best New Artist of the Year, Ellie Holcomb. Think gloriously, powerful moving words:  with spoken word poet, Amena Brown.
Think of an unforgettable Christmas evening Unwrapping the Greatest Gift — with this farm girl & one of her farm girls. Think an evening  lit with the warming gift you want most: Jesus.

Amena, Ellie & us farm girls, we’re so excited! Do we get to exhale relief & inhale Christmas with you? 

We’d love to meet you & have The Greatest Christmas! 

 Houston, TX: Dec. 4th / 7:30pm ::  Lubbock, TX:  Dec. 5th / 7:00pm :: Tulsa, OK:  Dec. 6th / 6:30pm

Atlanta, GA:  Dec. 7th / 6:30pm :: Knoxville, TN:  Dec. 12th / 7:00pm :: Nashville, TN: Dec. 13th / 7:00pm

(And all proceeds from the evening are being donated to Compassion International, which means we all get to make the evening a gift back to JESUS !)


14 Yrs After Receiving Shoebox Gift — Filipino Girl Marries THE BOY WHO SENT IT

the music’s begun everywhere

Tonight! It’s tonight!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 6.16.53 PM

Free Printable Bookmark for tonight — and The Night Before Advent! 

(ready with your Night Before Advent Party? so we have 25 days to unwrap all the wonder of Him!) 

Hush all the Hurry — and find the Holy

How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas

Almost Advent & we open the pages of these books like an Advent Calendar & begin:
Maybe you’re ready too for The Night before Advent Party?  so the whole family can start the wondrous opening of the Greatest Gifts?
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This is very real. Pilot Dan Clark flies a helicopter with amazing precision during the Christmas tree harvesting at Noble Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon, dropping the trees off into a truck while perfectly accounting for the momentum and weight of his swinging cargo.
Flawless. Let’s bring on a tree!

okay, I’m not ashamed to say that this had me laughing right out loud

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 9.30.35 AM

Want Grateful kids this Christmas? The Grateful Christmas Project

7 Ways to Have More Grateful Kids This Christmas 
When children practice the great joy of giving to people —

they get the great joy of becoming grateful people!

This is the year — to fall in love again with Jesus this Christmas

oh, let’s!

entirely a cappella? don’t leave the internet out today without this one cranked up

“Our finest gifts we bring to lay before the King…” yes


Print’s free as Sticky Note For Your Soul right here

Hey soul, today’s all beautiful & hard & messy & a gift & yeah, this is how we all bravely hold on:

In the stressful times: seek God.
In the painful times: praise God.
In the terrible times: trust God.
And at all times – at all times – at all times
Thank God.
#1000Gifts #ThankGod

[excerpted from our morning devotions in our little Facebook community come join us?]

That’s all for this weekend, friends. 

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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