Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [11.15.14]


all of this beauty? Extraordinary small towns all around the world

This: When was the last time you were comfortable in your own skin? Think about that. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.43.43 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.44.29 AM

what happens when this 9 year old picks up a camera?



A Paralyzed Vet. His Bride. And what she never expected could happen for their wedding dance.



Can’t begin to express how I loved this —

it’s like Van Gogh’s Starry night. In his hometown. For bikes to find their way home. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.14.38 PM

And then this happened to that girl with only weeks to live

… that unexpected thing about depression & dark that no one tells you about


um…. anyone else able to spot these camouflaged pets?

and this? will melt your heart.

From the very beginning — we just want to hold on to someone who loves us


how this coach exceeded all expectations? a story you won’t want to miss —

look at that face: irresistible … and then the fun begins! 


when police start handing out tickets — for being good?

okay, these guys win — we’re so smiling





what a husband (who isn’t an artist) gives his wife for her first birthday as a Mom? Pretty spectacular

only listen to this? if you’ve had a  really hard week….


nodding yes to the relief of this: ‘How to Get Over Cliques & Get Real Community’

okay, this restaurant? Is really on to something here.


Post of the week from these parts: 

The Best Little Experiment I’ve Tried All Year

because there are so many Mighty Moms — who are pretty heroic like this


come watch the sun rise with me? stunning —

really — you’re doing ok, Mom


and then with just moments to spare

So Garth Brook’s is performing his song “The Dance” —

when he notices a woman holding a sign saying,

“Chemo this morning, Garth tonight. Enjoying the dance”

and it’s what Garth does next — and then when he starts talking about God?

Come Exhale Relief This Christmas? (!!)


So… how about an evening that’s like a gift just for you

where you feel the wonder of CHRISTmas again?

Think candles.

Think music that sounds like the voice of an angel: with Dove Award Winner for Best New Artist of the Year, Ellie Holcomb.
Think gloriously, powerful moving words:  with spoken word poet, Amena Brown.
Think of an unforgettable Christmas evening Unwrapping the Greatest Gift — with this farm girl & one of her farm girls.
Think an evening  lit with the warming gift you want most: Jesus.

Amena, Ellie & us farm girls, we’re so excited! Do we get to exhale relief & inhale Christmas with you? 

Come Find the Wonder of Christmas Again

 Houston, TX: Dec. 4th / 7:30pm

Lubbock, TX:  Dec. 5th / 7:00pm

 Tulsa, OK:  Dec. 6th / 6:30pm

Atlanta, GA:  Dec. 7th / 6:30pm

Knoxville, TN:  Dec. 12th / 7:00pm

Nashville, TN: Dec. 13th / 7:00pm

(And all proceeds from the evening are being donated to Compassion International, which means we all get to make the evening a gift back to JESUS !)

and wow. wasn’t that too much fun??!


Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 9.08.48 AM

Free Printable for the Weekend

Printing this one out because this is will be all that matters most this season

… give someone the Christmas LOVE they’ve always dreamed of ?

All we all really want is the gift of knowing that we’re loved. And Jesus says, “Yes.”

so … this little piece of glass shows up with the first snow this week?


oh.  The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas  

was named by the Christian Retailer’s Association as  

Winner of Best Devotional of the Year for 2014!

can we share the happy celebrating with you & do something to share the joy?

Let’s Have a Huge Greatest Christmas Giveaway!








To Celebrate Best Devotional of the Year, we’d love to give away

TEN Heirloom Jesse Tree Ornament Sets

and TEN of our Heirloom 24 Hole Advent Wreaths 

So! To celebrate & enter, let’s just Share the joy of The Greatest Christmas: 

1. Hold up a copy of  The Greatest Gift or the family edition: Unwrapping the Greatest Gift that you’ve found on your shelf or  your local bookstore’s shelf

2. Snap a photo of yourself holding a copy of The Greatest Gift or the family edition: Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

3. Share the picture to one or all of Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, or post to our Facebook Page Wall (more shares & we’ll count every share!)

4. Include the hashtag #TheGreatestChristmas AND the URL: with every sharing.

And we’ll choose TWENTY beautiful people at random on November 24th from all the sharing to win The Greatest Gift Jesse Tree Ornament Set  or the The Heirloom 24-Hole Advent Wreath. 

Let’s Celebrate having The Greatest Christmas this year!

unbelievable! … it’s hard to believe this true story really happened.

Let’s share The Greatest Christmas with each other this year!


When you’re looking for joy? 
You will always find it hiding in your gratitude.


[excerpted from our morning devotions in our little Facebook community come join us?]

That’s all for this weekend, friends. 

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

Share Whatever Is Good.