Light the Candles. Advent Devotionals. The First Sunday: Hope. [VIDEO experience]

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Disclaimer: This ain’t all together or professional slick or anything… Just a simple, homemade video, taped by our Hope-girl, because God pressed it hard on our hearts to make a space for folks who may not have a community to celebrate the wonder and beauty of Advent? If you’re looking for an updated, fresh story, professional version, it’s our humble joy to serve you here


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Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.43.17 AMJoin us and not Miss Him this year?

Hush the hurry… and find the holy… consider journeying with us through December with  The Greatest Gift , named the Best Devotional of 2014  & NYT bestseller  (free download of 25 ornaments with the book) —  or the brand new family read aloud edition, Unwrapping The Greatest Gift  — a fresh, all new unwrapping of The Love Story — your love story … … God starting a Christmas revolution, us all turning toward Jesus.

And if you’d rather a professionally recorded, beautiful DVD Christmas experience here on the farm? There’s the professional, fresh, all-new material of  The Greatest Gift DVD Experience to truly hush the hurry and find the holy in December:  4 weeks of Advent: 4 holy sessions. Recorded on the farm. At the woods. In the barn. By the manger.  Come away from the whirl. Come into the candle light. Into the snow falling. Into the quiet of the barn & the depths of His Love.

Sit in the straw, in a circle of flickering candles, and feel the illuminating awe of God’s Word through the unfurling of the greatest love story ever told — Christmas’s full love story, right from the beginning of  His-Story, like you’ve never quite heard it told before.

Next Sunday? The Peace Candle …  

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