3 Free Tools for a Productive September
[September 1st is the New January 1st]

Happy September!

September 1st is the new January 1st!

Fresh slates and bouquets of sharpened yellow pencils blooming new possibilities.

And Happy Labor Day! Traditionally, school always begins in Canada the day after Labor Day… so quieter in this web corner today,  enjoying the day as the symbolic end of the summer, as we get older boys off to university and youngers prepare for another year of homeschooling.

So just 3 Free Tools for a deeply, soulful productive September:

1. Free Printable Sandwich Wrappers:

Print out a stack and wrap their food in the Living Bread to feed their deepest places.

2. Free September Joy Dare:

Dare the kids to joy  this month? Print out September’s Joy Dare and hang on the fridge, tape it to a lunch box, frame by the table — and use the prompts to scavenger hunt for glimpses of God’s glory. Then share the finds of the gift hunt at dinner each evening.
Recent research guarantees that writing a gratitude list leads to one being a full 25% happier  — and proves that kids who keep gratitude lists achieve better grades and are kinder to peers. Who doesn’t want all that happening as we find new fall rhythms?}

3.Free Sanity Plan:

Mine is printed out and hanging by my mirror and on the side of the fridge.

Game on:  A Life Plan When You are Overwhelmed: The Sanity Manifesto.







A habit is what we wear: A habit is the way we wear our days.

Wear new habits and your life gets a makeover.

Consistently do things at the same time everyday and find yourself a new person.

Joy is a habit: Wear it. 

And September comes in like hope.

Click here for access to all of these free printable downloads & more:

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