3 Truths about Platform & What Your Soul Was Never Made For

This week The High Calling is exploring the idea of “platform” — and they asked if I’d join them & write into the idea of platform for writers and the Kingdom of God… {stay tuned for exciting things coming this week for our little community?}

When that plucky Jennifer Lawrence kid in her festooning white gown trips trying to get up on that platform to get her Oscar?

The world falls in love a bit more for her stumbling, blessed humanity.

Because, really now —-

who teaches you how to hold up the piles of taffeta and take the stairs for the Oscars, who teaches you how to stand up and be famous?


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It just isn’t done—or at least, if you check out the headlines in the checkout aisle, it’s rarely done well.

Because the thing is, no one is meant to stand really on platforms. Sure, everyone’s got a platform under them—every artist, every businessperson, every person with a message, a service, a product, a community.

And the movers and shakers would have us thinking that a platform is what elevates your visibility above the crowd so your message finds its audience. But there’s a deeper current of Truth running through the cosmos: “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

A platform is whatever one finds under one’s self—and the only thing that is meant to be under a Christian is an altar.

The only call on a Christian is not to pick up a microphone, not to pick some stairs to some higher platform, but to pick up a cross and come die.

The only call on a Christian is to build every platform into the shape of an altar, to shape every platform into the form of sacrificial service.

Every platform, every microphone, every podium is meant to be a nail—fixing us to Christ, the only One lifted up, and fixing something in the listener’s life, us kneeling down to serve.

The world tilts upside down and finally aright when we see all platforms simply taking on the form of service…..     Continue Reading the Full Post