5 Truths When You Feel Tired & the World’s Broke Your Heart a Bit

Ssometimes you just need someone to storm heaven for you

Sometimes you just need someone to hoarse whisper it for you —

Father of the Tired & Broken-Hearted…

oh, hear our prayer….

Give Your Child the wisdom to know it this week:

Hiding when you’re hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let infection grow.

Give Your Child the love to live it:

The secret way to heal a broken heart is to let love leak out like an ocean through all the cracks.











Give Your Child grace to do the crazy impossible:

It’s the hurting and wounded who are always the ones called to be medics — to administer lavish grace, to cast the messy in the best, merciful light.

The best way to tend to your open wounds is to open your arms.

Out-loving is the only ointment that healed anything.

Let the broken choose it:

When you’re most wounded by words, run to the only Word that always brings healing.

Let the broken see it:

When you’re wounded and need dressing, look in the mirror, touch you face, and see how He clothes you in righteousness, wraps you in promises, swathes you in a Saviorwho saves.

When you have Jesus on the inside, you’re never on the outside.

Let the broken say it:

When you’re bruised by lies, believe truth and whisper it louder: I am my Beloved’s.

When Love’s got hold of you, there isn’t a lie in the universe that can pull you apart.

Let the broken trust it:

Giving the benefit of the doubt — is what benefits the people of the Faith.

Doesn’t love always believe the best, not the worst?

And may that wind, brokenhearted Child, may it fly her hair like a glory flag,

And may the hills that rise before her be but an exhilaration,

And may all her trials be but a trail,

all the stones on the way be but grace stairs to God.

:In name of Jesus  —

who broke His heart to heal ours…




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