[Help a Hick Out? Or: How To Encourage a Bunch of Introverts]





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So, The Introverted are the people who live in the constant tension between the desire to communicate… and the desire to hide.

And um, yeah — that would be this hick.

But the God story of searching for joy right where you are, and discovering how joy is always a function of gratitude and gratitude is always, simply, a function of perspective — and how the dare to count one thousand gifts literally and profoundly changed my life… well, when you’ve been revived from the dead, you keep mustering the courage up to communicate this story because maybe it will help just even one other person?

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are’ has been nominated by KLOVE Radio Fan Awards for Impact Book of the Year — along with books by good friends, Max Lucado, Kyle Idleman, and Candace Bure Cameron.

If God’s used One Thousand Gifts in your life,  it’d be crazy grace kind of you to give the gift of a cheering vote,  or vote for Max or Kyle or Candace or any of the introverted musicians and artists stepping way out of comfort zones to pour out for Jesus just take a moment to encourage those introverts who yeah, live in that constant tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to run hide.

[Press on, kind introverts everywhere: Jesus is worth moving out of comfort zones for & it’s only in the uncomfortable places that we can experience the tenderness of the Comforter... ]


Thanks for encouraging the introverts  here

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And for every 500,000 votes cast World Hope will be donating a house to a family in need in Detroit —

so thank you for taking one moment & choosing to #BeTheGift with your vote

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[and if you are coming to the KLOVE Fan Awards this weekend in Nashville,  this hick will be there with a nerve-blotchy neck and a few of the farm kids &  and would count it amazing grace just to warmly shake your hand and worship Jesus with you kind people.]