[A Christian Passover & Printable]
When Holy Week is Far from Perfect & You Just Need a Perfect Lamb





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So on a week when you feel messy and behind and burdened and it’s obvious that you’re flailing and aching just a bit —

it’s the small things.

A few plants in dirt for an Easter Grace Garden. Some figs and almonds from the store on Tuesday and some thorns in a crown — even just one or two.  Read just one devotional  (download here) between now and Sunday and hang an ornament on the Easter Tree.

And have a Passover meal on Thursday.

The house won’t be perfect. There’s drywall dust in the mudroom. I’ve failed in ways that feel like a piercing.

But the lamb?

I need a Passover Lamb more than anything else.

Need to prepare a Passover meal, rub the marinate into the lamb,

blood ponding on plate,  my hand massaging the meat,

fingers pressing out more of that impossible red,

all the necessary essence of Easter, all very non-Hallmark,

the nostrils filling with this wretched stench of sin,

and this one beating heart hurting for the only God

whose wild love

had Him pass over perfect and tear open a vein

and  become a lamb dragged to the slaughter

without bleating or begging

to cleanse the bloody mess of all those who’ve fallen


this mess

stained deep into my skin.



One Passover Meal. Same Passover Program. Two different print options:

Print the Lamb Edition (click the dowload in the top right (arrow on a paper icon) and then print)

or Print the Traditional “Haggadah” Edition (click the dowload in the top right (arrow on a paper icon) and then print)

(with historical background of a Messianic Passover meal & table requirements, thanks to  a partnering with www.CrossroadsChurch.com )

(The actual text of each, to lead you through a Passover Meal, is the same in both free printables)


To Set a Simple Table for a Christian Passover:

1. matzah (or Wholewheat Unleavened Bread)

2. juice of the vine (wine, grape juice, non-alcoholic wine)

3. sprigs of lush green parsley

4. horseradish (bitter herbs)

5. chopped apples and raisins (called haroset)

6. heavy shank bone of lamb

7. boiled egg

8. small dish of salted water

Make it Simple Menu:

Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary

Balsamic Roasted Red Potatoes

Baked Asparagus with Balsamic Butter Sauce

Haroset (Chopped Apples & Raisins) for Passover

Wholewheat Unleavened Bread

Baby carrots

And for dessert: New Life

I AM – Messianic Passover Seder PlateI AM – Communion / Passover Cup I AM – Passover / Communion Candle Holders

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