When You’re Weary & The Body Aches

Mama never talked much when she’d change out our bandages from some scrape up or other.

Times I’d take her deepening quiet like this gentle salve for the wounds weeping at the edges.

Sometimes everyone ends up feeling scraped up and bent up and betrayed.

Like the world suddenly got turned up loud and we all got jarred and scraped and everybody turned and we all got turned inside out.

Sometimes we end up wearing our bruises on the outside. The Body of Christ still wears scars and Jesus still weeps.














The big calendar taped up on the wall — taped up with old white medical tape because that’s all I could find when I rifled through the junk drawer there by the phone — that calendar says it’s about the middle of Lent.

I stand at the sink and it’s an ointment of grace to have a season to repent. There are days you don’t feel the weight of glory but the weight of this whole gory, bloody mess that is called life together.

Days you can stand at the sink and feel the weight of a world of exhausted mothers and the battered Body and the starving children and the grieving brave and the howling waiting and the warring politics and the thousand thousands injustices on this battled-pocked place called earth and sometimes grief isn’t merely observed but absorbed and even your marrow aches.

Across the table, this silhouette of Jesus keeps carrying on, Jesus hunched over and carrying that cross.

And all I can think is:

Jesus takes the infinite pain of all of this — because of His infinite love for all of us.

Jesus takes the weight of the Body, Jesus takes the things said and done, the things we wish could take back.

Jesus takes the weight of the regrets of things left undone, the things never done that we wish had been done, the things that weigh heaviest of all.

Jesus takes it all — Jesus takes the infinite pain of all of this — because of His infinite love for all of us.

I turn that silhouette over in my hand. Weightless. The hunched over, Cross burdened Jesus carrying the weight of the world and the busted up wounded on His shoulders — He’s light in my hands.

This is the amazing grace of it:

Grace is weightless.

Grace carries us home and grace covers it all and grace cures this whole bloodied, battered mess and His grace takes all the weight.

Grace is weightless. And the moment you bind up a wound with forgiving grace, you get to fly free.

I trace the outline of that Cross on His shoulders. Jesus takes the infinite weight of all — because of His infinite love for all of us. Jesus heals us all because Jesus holds us all and Jesus won’t let us go.

Jesus is the doctor of the Body and there is no disease He cannot heal; no brokenness He cannot mend; no trouble He cannot carry. Jesus is the Soul Salve, the Balm of Gilead, the Wounded Healer who touches our wounds with His and absorbs all our hurt into His healing heart.

Who ever loved us like this?

It is becoming realer, so you can feel it in your aching veins:

Jesus is infinitely more than useful to us — Jesus is exquisitely beautiful to us.

It’s taped to the wall above the calendar:

“… Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.” John 5:23-24

Whoever loved all us broken ones like this? In a loud and busted up world, to turn to the deepening quiet of His Word and be healed and live.

To close some forgotten door somewhere and rifle through a junk drawer and pray in this every day mess for the Body to feel the weightlessness of grace.




Just tape up your calendar and your days together with some medical tape and hear the beating of His healing heart.
updated resource: because many asked — our wall calendar

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