Only the Really Good Stuff: 18 Links for a No Fear New Year

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Let’s start here : with HOPE.

“Hope is really about rest.

Resting in the imperfections of today because you believe that tomorrow there is possibility”.

This inspires — yes, power lines and all —

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The beauty of blowing bubbles in the freezing temps!

Have you seen these? Beauty is everywhere, the whole earth full of His Glory

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This one-legged woman strides (sort of) into a world of suffering and makes it better for being there.

 2014 Game changer:

“Reconciling a lousy world with a good, loving and powerful God”. 

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The hand of God?

Too incredible to deny?

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A dream coming true for a brave young boy

How encouraging is that?

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Yes! Let’s do this: How to Live Outside of the Box this Year

Less on our “to-do lists”, and more on our “to-Be” lists?

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From our days in the polar vortex:

“… every road closed across 4 counties and the blizzard blows on. The Farmer’s blown in from the barn. Blueberry crumble’s warm out of the oven. And the quiet in the wind:
Stay the mind on God and there isn’t a storm that can move the soul from the peace of God.

from our Favorite Instagram this week

[Connect on Instagram? Together we’re slowing every day to see #1000gifts in 2014]

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Go make amazing things this year!

Gather the kids to look at this 23 foot work of art!

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This year, she is slowing… to gain.

 Yes, yes, yes — a must read for us all.

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A new form of snow art?

Make beautiful things happen everywhere this year!

Amena Brown? Asks one powerful question for 2014. And your answer changes everything.

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So selfless and kind…just — ah, yeah — this for a new year.

Just — no words. A must see —
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Got your #JesusProject On? So… where did you hang up your 24 Free “More than Useful: He is Beautiful” Memory Prints?   It’s working for us here on the farm:  Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us

Lord willing, the first Study & Devotional unpacking the first #JesusProject Memory Print, John 1:1, this Wednesday? It’s happening already — this is changing our life.

Pray these words with me in 2014?

Yours will be the only name that matters to me… Jesus
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This habit for 2014: Why We Need Total Darkness to Sleep: A link to breast Cancer

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Starting a No Fear New Year, On the Stack at the Farm:

Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World

Lucille Zimmerman’s a life coach in a loud world…

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How Malcolm Gladwell Rediscovered Faith

Profound shaping for a fresh year


That’s all for this weekend, friends. 

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joice.

Share Whatever Is Good.