How to Cure Burn Out

So this rabid symphony lover invites me to a concert, a box seat, up over the orchestra.

It’s cold.

Chicago in January.

The violinists warm up.

The whole northern hemisphere keeps trying to warm up.

Immaculata Symphony Youth Concert - February 13, 2011

Immaculata Symphony Performing Symphony No. 8 in G major, Op. 88 by Antonin Dvorak

Baltic Youth Philharmonic

Kevin Cole shaking hands with lead violinist

Conductor - Frederik Magle conducting a symphony orchestra 9

From anywhere in the building, you can see the guy up front, the conductor.

Somebody’s ironed his black threads pretty smooth. His hair – not so much. It’s this perfect balance of grace.

The lights dim, papers stop rustling. A thousand smart phones are rendered dumb.

The conductor raises his arms and in one moment it’s like he’s pulled a million strings and the music rises  — and there it is, clear as a spotlight:

The only way to lead a symphony is to turn your back to the crowd, the critics, the court.


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