Only the Good Stuff: Links to Feed Your Soul this December

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A peek into 24 happy grooms –
and their first glance at their new bride

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Finding Christmas in the carol – yes, indeed.
Bless all the dear children
In Thy tender care,
And fit us for Heaven
To live with Thee there.

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Amazing. America’s longest married couple recently celebrated 81 years together!
An inspiring read.

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An extraordinary football team with an extraordinary coach.
A game changing eye opening read. THIS.

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A most unsuspecting hero –
Now in training to save even more lives

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Beautiful! – Free printable labels for those edible gifts!

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Have you heard this one from the Piano Guys?
Just — wow. A must listen!

Yes, it’s true –
Giving thanks isn’t just for holidays. A heartwarming story.
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OH. YES. This…just beautiful.
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Beautiful creativity with the ornaments that co-ordinate with The Greatest Gift

(free download of the 25 ornaments for the book’s readers over here)


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The Story behind the Cover of The Greatest Gift?

The designer of the cover?

Julie Chen is the same talented designer of one of our favorite Bibles of all time, the Jesus Storybook Bible,

and over at her blog she shares the story behind the cover of the The Greatest Gift:

about the model, the mittens, and the crazy little miracles  


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… it’s taken 3 weeks of God doing this, before I could bring myself to clear my throat, and whisper anything out loud, head bowed, brimming & laid low before His holy throne….

Because that God’s put The Greatest Gift on the New York Times for the last 3 weeks?

Means something of stunning, infinite, eternal beauty: A revolution of Jesus-filled CHRISTmases everywhere…. Awed over every single one of you relentlessly-loved people choosing a Jesus-filled Christmasyou choosing to Unwrap the Full Love Story of Christmas — Jesus, The Greatest Gift. Bowing low with you…


Join us and not Miss Him this year?
Consider joining us each Sunday in December to light that week’s Advent candle? Last week, we lit the Hope candle together (video above)… and tomorrow, Lord willing? We’ll post this week’s video devotional and light the Peace Candle together?  

(Pray? this is all ridiculously out of my comfort zone and I keep hushing the temptation to high tail it outta here? Pray that this draws one heart closer to Jesus this Christmas, makes one weary soul’s December a bit easier? Pray that we’d all  just want to open that present,  all through Advent, the rest of our lives  —

the greatest gift of His Presence.)


This could be Christmas like you’ve never quite experienced before —

but have always been yearning for. 

That’s all for this weekend, friends. 

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joice.

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