Advent Devotionals. Week 01. Hope. [VIDEO. updated.]

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{Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker bar near the bottom of  the left margin?}
Disclaimer: This ain’t all together or professional slick or anything… Just a simple, homemade video, taped by our Hope-girl, because God pressed it hard on our hearts to make a space for folks who may not have a community to celebrate the wonder and beauty of Advent with? Just a humble space to draw closer to Jesus? So, thanks for coming anyways? Welcome to a simple space just to slow and reflect…

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Join us and not Miss Him this year?
Consider journeying with us through December with  The Greatest Gift …  a New York Times Bestseller (free download of 25 ornaments with the book) — 
a fresh, all new unwrapping of The Love Story — your love story … … God starting a Christmas revolution, us all turning toward Jesus. A whole bunch of us who just want to open that present, moment by moment, all through Advent, the rest of our lives — the greatest gift of His Presence.

P.S. Next Sunday? The Peace Candle — maybe outside in the woods? out in the barn?  

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