How to Really Kick off the Holidays: Come to Christmas at the Farm!

She’d first come up this unexpected way last spring.

Right about when that ancient lilac bush out front of the house had feebly offered up it’s last tired crop of blooms, like some old lady bent on beauty right till the end.

I’d filled up some old crocks with the scented purple and got a big roast of pork in the oven and we’d flung open the front door, kicked the pile of shoes out of the way, and the kids had all piled on her with too many questions and way too many lame and limping jokes straight out of the hardly-witty column of the farm paper. And she’d laughed glory, right there in the mingling of the pork and the lilac.

When a woman burns all her measuring sticks, she can ignite with glory. I just flat out love Lizzie.






So her and I, Lizzie and Annie, we wrote all through the spring — about Christmas.

I prayed her through the final readings out loud of Women of Christmas on her porch.

She said she wanted to make sure every word could beat in time with a woman’s heart.

And Lizzie prayed me through the last pages of The Greatest Gift, as I wrote across the ocean, en route to Uganda and a little girl named Anna and a brave woman named Katie.

I said I wanted to make sure every page murmured, “Don’t miss Me — I want you.





We were two sisters, writing about our Father, praying each other through.

We were two sisters praying for all our sisters to know the embrace of their Father and how He carries us all through. We were two sisters who’d burned the measuring sticks and prayed for God to make us all flames, burning bushes of glory.

Your sisters know the beat of your heart when you have forgotten how to be.

Your sisters know the lyrics of why you are loved — when you can’t remember quite how to live….

Your sisters will sing your song — God’s song for you — when you have long forgotten the words to His Word — to yourself.

Your sisters want you to come — 

Your sisters want you to gather with sisters from all over the world for the free webcast, Christmas at the Farm — a place for sisters to unwrap the full love story of Christmas. A place for sisters to pause before the season begins and focus on the love our hearts can rush right past and forget…

Your sisters want you to come… 

You breathe different in a room when you know it’s not about the good you can accomplish but about the grace you can accept.

You breathe different through a season when you begin it by breathing in grace —  when you begin it in a place just to be real. Only then can we begin to be changed this season into the realest versions of  Grace Himself.

November 21st. 12 Noon EST. The webcast Christmas at the Farm: Liz Curtis Higgs, this crazy farm hick, and you — and laughter. Cookies. Recipes. Memories. The Word. Jesus.

And the free download/printable: The (Startlingly) Simple Steps to a Sane and Sacred Christmas. 

Come over the hills and fields of snow — for Christmas at the Farm with Lizzie and Annie? and a whole lot of Jesus. 

Before the seasons gets kick started into high gear — maybe your soul really needs the gift of this?  Of Him.

This could be Christmas like you’ve never quite experienced before — but have always been yearning for. 

Because sometimes, even in the coming of winter —

spring can unexpectedly come and enfold you like a newborn child bent on loving you to whole.


Kick off the Holidays with Christmas at the Farm!

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Add Christmas at the Farm to your calendar?

Lizzie and Annie would love to meet you — Gather some sisters to come too?

(Whole church families have let us know they are inviting women to just bring their brown bag lunches for lunch, and are gathering together for  Christmas at the Farm to kick off the holidays.) November 21st. 12 Noon ET. 

{Right here on Nov. 21. Free webcast from the Farm. Live chat with Liz Curtis Higgs and Ann Voskamp. Free Printable: How to have a Sane and Sacred Christmas. Recipes. Memories. Music. The WordAnd a whole lot of Jesus — a whole lot of what your soul really needs before the season begins… }

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Reads for a Meaningful Christmas:

Lizzie’s perfect Women of Christmas
Annie’s The Greatest Gift

This could be Christmas like you’ve never quite experienced before — but have always been yearning for.