IF: You are Hungry for Something More

Sometimes you wanna go where no one knows your name or cares about names — but they know the contours of your soul.

Somewhere where no one cares who anyone’s name is, or what letters they have behind it or if it’s been in big lights.

But they care where you’ve been and where you’re going and how you are becoming your real name, who you really are, how your name is etched deep into the palm of His hands and you can lay your weary head down in His palms with your engraved name and you can rest.

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Sometimes you wanna go where everybody is brave and real and there is space saved at that table for you, for gentle eyes to really see and look into you — to welcome the honest, realest version of you.

The real, beautiful you begs it of you: Be unafraid of living unmasked.

Christ only graces the faces of the unmasked.

I went to Austin in September.

And I sat with women who left their armor at the door, who let their brave hearts fill the room and Jesus filled the space and we ate and we sang and we washed each other’s hands and our cheeks were wet with unashamed awe at God and what Love can do.

Women are hungry.

We are hungry for authenticity and simplicity and vulnerability. We are hungry for assessibility and connectivity and humility. We are hungry for integrity and and we are hungry for gritty change.

We are missing Jesus. 

The Jesus that gets dirt under your fingernails, the Jesus that gets you on your knees and into the hurt of this world, the Jesus that turns everything on its head because He’s only interested in hearts. The Jesus that loves the underdog and the outcast and the overlooked. That Jesus.

When everything is slick, it can be hard to hold on to Jesus.

What IF— if there was a space that wasn’t a conference as much as a confederation of world-changers. What IF — if there was space that wasn’t a conference because it wasn’t confined to only one place — but was global and local and visonal. What IF — there was a space that wasn’t a conference as much as it was a configuring of women shoulder to shoulder, a shaping of women to reshape the world, a constructing of a space where the hurt could come and find healing in the wrestle?

What IF — there was a space for women to go deep and touch the depths of God?

What IF — if you joined the IF: GATHERING in February — a space to throw open the doors, a space to webcast anywhere, accessible to anyone, a space for the bruised and the beaten, the ragamuffins and rejected, a space for the cynics and the skeptics and the sidelined, for the famished and the forgotten and for everyone done with facades.

A space for introverts and not-quite converts and for anyone wanting to invert this world into an Upside-Down Kingdom. A space for those 18 to 81 who count themselves part of the #EstherGeneration and who are willing to risk it all for such a time as this — because they aren’t willing to waste their one wild lives and all of eternity.

IF: Gathering — a gathering not limited to one city, one demographic, one price, one voice — because we are desperate to never limit God.

IF: Gathering  — a gathering of no set cost, no obstacles. Give freely and come freely. 1200 seats are waiting at IF : Austin on February 7-8, 2014. Or gather women at your local coffee shop, neighborhood, church for IF: Local which will be webcasting IF:Austin so the women in Uganda can be at the table beside the women in Nepal beside the women in Utah.

The crazy team of us praystorming this, all of us, we are specifically inviting youRegistration for IF : Austin opens Tuesday, October 15th at 11:00 AM Central. However, women who are subscribed to our email list will get to register on Monday. Sign up here to for your early invitation. No ticket price: there’s a place waiting at the table for anyone who wants to come.

Registration to the webcasts for IF:Local is unlimited. Just register October 15th and we will send you ideas and resources to GATHER with us right. where. you. are.

The real feasting always begins at home. The real fire of  IF will happen at IF:Local  — organic, grassroots, local — love it. Because IF isn’t about an event — it’s about making your LIFE the event. Gather with women in your local community that you want to do LIFE with — gather in your home, rent a cottage, gather on a streetcorner, a church basement, at the beach, a mountaintop, the other side of the railroad tracks, a hut, anywhere — and we will all GATHER at the TABLE. IF:Local  will experience everything of IF:AUSTIN — without the cost of flights or accommodation — and with the advantage of gathering with women who will grow deep and authentically and wildly with you next week, next month, next year. The real fire of  IF will happen at IF:Local .  Let Him do this thing in us.

If you believe in this hungry vision of Come One, Come All, then we ask that you earnestly pray about giving a donation to support IF : Gathering through our partners at Pure Charity here. This vision isn’t cheap. But we don’t believe in cheap grace and or in miserly sisterhood.

Us on the leadership team of the IF:GATHERING — we are hungry. We are hungry enough to believe God can move hearts to make a way for her sister to get to the table. We are hungry enough to believe that thousands of widow’s mites might add up to mighty movement of God. We are hungry enough to believe that God’s people will be generous enough to make a difference in this generation, for all eternity.

We are hungry enough to believe that a feast might happen and it could begin with you: an insatiable, contagious, global appetite for Soul Bread.

Maybe it’s time…

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Maybe we’ve been gazing among the treetops looking for something which can only be grasped at the roots.

Maybe it’s time to go deep.  Maybe we’ve been Missing Him too long...

Maybe soulmates are not found when you stay on your own quiet island. You must take to the louder ocean and look on islands of quiet.

Maybe it’s time to set out, reach out.

Maybe you cannot thrive where you are untouchable… Soul growth only happens in the soil of vulnerability.

Maybe it’s time to let yourself be touched.

Maybe it’s time for IF ….

Sometime you wanna go where everybody knows what it is to be enfolded… enriched… enflamed





This is Day 14.

Sometimes you miss home.

Even when you’re home.

Sometimes you miss Him.

Even when He’s everywhere.

Day 14 in a #31Days  series:

  Missing Him: 31 Days of Jesus — and not missing what can’t be missed.

Find the whole series here.

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Dare to take your invitation to not miss — what can’t be missed?

Looking forward to what #31Days hold with you… and Him.


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