3 Ways of Finding Fulfillment– No Matter What You’re Facing











So maybe the way to still be left standing

at the end of the day,

when you get to the end of everything,

is to never stop breaking free from the fences of noise,

to love the expanses of solitude

that you carry on the inside,

because the truth of it is that stillness with God is always a matter of focus

not of circumstances.



That is all there is:
Staying still with Him, still with Him.


Because no harvest of holiness, of happiness, was ever reaped by anyone who didn’t make a field inside of themselves to be alone long with God.


Maybe the only way to have a peace that passes all understanding

is to pass by all that doesn’t let you stand close under the arm of Peace Himself,

understanding the way Jesus keeps holding.


Maybe that’s the only harvest there is at the end of the day, at the end,

the only thing that God ever asks

is that you answer no long enough to the loud

to have time to be out standing in this field

where real yield is found in the yes to His proposal of intimacy


where you can see who is fulfilled

in the way they  bow.




Missing Him? Slow down. Still. Choose interior solitude with Him… deep breath:

“God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there.
There is no such thing.

~ C. S. Lewis


This is Day 30.

Sometimes you miss home.

Even when you’re home.

Sometimes you miss Him.

Even when He’s everywhere.

Day 30 in a #31Days  series:

  Missing Him: 31 Days of Jesus — and not missing what can’t be missed.

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Dare to take your invitation to not miss — what can’t be missed?

Looking forward to what #31Days hold with you… and Him.