When You’re Ready to Wear Who You Really Are

You know my amazing friend Priscilla Shirer? She introduced me to her on-fire sister, Chrystal! Chrystal Hurst is a gifted writer, speaker, and worship leader in addition to serving as the chief executive operating officer in her home as a wife and mother of five. She is a self-proclaimed “geek” and bibliovore, who is actively seeking help for her love of  Starbucks, sweet tea, and chocolate chip cookies. Chrystal is co-author of the recent release, Kingdom Woman , blogs regularly at Chrystal’s Chronicles, and it’s a grace to have such a woman of wisdom on the farm front porch today:


Kingdom woman.

Those words sound like some pretty high stilettos to walk around in all day.

The truth of the matter is that I know I’m not her.

She is someone I strive to become but whose roles and responsibilities seem like a lot to handle.

The very definition of a kingdom woman sets a high bar.

After all, where is this woman—who is this woman— who regularly and consistently positions herself under and operates according to God’s complete rule over her life?






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Oh, I know. She must be my neighbor.

She must be the woman who sits next to me at church or the lady who always seems to have the time to serve others.

She must be the woman who has been married for fifty-seven years or the woman who is fifty-seven years old and has walked in unremarkable purity.

She must be the woman who walks with the tattered and torn Bible or the woman who keep Jesus paraphernalia on her desk at work.

She must be the woman who never yells at her kids and the woman who always cooks gourmet meals for her family.

She must be the woman who has a work ethic beyond reproach and who lives in complete financial freedom because she regularly chooses frugality instead of fashion.

She maintains a modest waistline and harbors no addictions.

She must be every other woman, that is.

Just like Eve, we women tend to spend more time analyzing what we are not or what we don’t have than recognizing who we were created to be. Satan’s victory with Eve started way before she ate that fruit.

The bite was only the culmination.

Eve’s demise began when she entered a conversation with the devil. And that’s what we do a lot. We talk. We rehearse on a daily basis what we don’t have or who we are not. We focus on the areas of our “garden” (our domain or our realm) that seem just out of our reach or control.

We take the seed of discontentment offered by the evil one and inform our souls of our dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or displeasure.

Just like Eve we have a choice.

We can choose to believe what God’s Word says about who we are and who we are created to be or we can entertain the lies planted by the enemy of our souls and cultivated by the culture we live in.

Romans 10:17 says that “faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”

And that’s what Kingdom Woman is about—hearing (and reading) what God says about who you are as a woman created for His glory.

I desire to be the woman that He created me to be—not the woman whom I think I want to be or the woman the world tells me that I should be. It brings me great joy to think of the detailed design and intricate effort that God put forth when making me. I’m so glad that I don’t have to aspire to be anyone else other than that woman God wants me to be.

You don’t have to seek anyone else’s approval for the life God has given you to live. We don’t have to apologize for the strength, fortitude, courage, talent, beauty, or intellect with which our Creator has given to us.

We all are “ God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).

Kingdom Woman. Those four-inch red heels don’t look easy to walk around in all day.

But first looks can be deceiving.

The right shoe made by the right designer and with the right materials can be not just wearable, but comfortable.

God has designed a plan and a purpose just for you.

We are not just fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), we are created in the image of a radiant, magnificent God who is full of beauty and splendor.

So wear His glory well.

Walk on His runway.



In Kingdom Woman, Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst, remind women of their calling from God to be free, delivered, healed, and to have hope. The authors bring insight that encourages women to correct distorted perceptions and understand who they really are in Christ—never settling for less because they are connected with the One who gives them hope.

Called and empowered to live a life of victory through Christ — Kingdom Woman is a read that has both Hope and I turning the pages gratefully and praying God make us Kingdom Woman !