Only the Good Stuff: 8 Links to Feed Your Soul

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When You Hit that Wall of Rejection … a must read

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How One Christian Mom is taking a stand against the TV Networks and graphic ads
and then how her story has gone viral  (graphic image, not appropriate for younger readers)

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Welcome to Holland …
Required reading for anyone who’s life did turn out exactly as planned, dreamed prayed for…

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Free 4 by 6 Printable — It’s your Truth Medicine for every bad day

Print and hang it up and everything really is going to be okay. Always.

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This… for every single one of us — the exquisite beauty of THIS.


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FaithGateway, sister site to BibleGateway chose this as it’s Bible Study of the Month:

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Watch the first session and then click over to BibleGateway’s sister site, @ FaithGateway,

and join in with a huge online Bible Study community who are discussing the Bible Study of the Month —

for your own virtual, global Bible study

Though You Slay Me… I may have listened to this a few hundred times this week…


That’s all, this weekend, good friends–

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well.  Re – joice.

Be the G.I.F.T.