7 Links: Read Only if You Want to Live the Best Life

so…  as I’m about to turn a milestone birthday marker… thinking a lot about how to really live and how the wrinkles should wring this beautiful gift right out...

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from Joy Prouty : one of my favorite instagram follows who inspires me to really live for Him

{and I’d love to connect with you on instagram?}

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A Love Story from Craiglist : Please be Brave and Do What You fear before it’s too late

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Photos from the shortlist for Astronomy Photographer of the Year :
Read slow and linger over the glory of God here in all of these…
If the heavens declare, let’s get out there.
Go for a walk tonight? Good way to spend a life.

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Detailed Close-Ups of Van Gogh’s Paintings :

Pull up close to life and see the beauty of the small…

how the individual strokes, the moments, all add up to a life

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Reading this slow and twice and again : Then making a Real Life Plan
… because this is the eternal stuff that really matters…

{because this post just keeps ringing my heart and won’t stop}

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What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness

“The great Syracuse poet, Hayden Carruth, said, in a poem written near the end of his life,
that he was “mostly Love, now.”

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“…. I just had to share something with you.

God gave me the wonderful opportunity to teach 3rd and 4th grade for the past 2 years in the beautiful country of Cambodia.  My first year in Cambodia I read your book,
One Thousand Gifts,
and it really touched me. 

I decided my second year in Cambodia I would challenge my class as a whole to keep track of 1,000 gifts.

During the last week of school we reached 1,000! 

I attached a picture of my class holding all the sheets that hold the gifts…

Maria V.”

[Look at those smiles! and dancing eyes! — joy! Joy! JOY! Joy in Christ all around the world!

This is what makes a life a beautiful thing — giving thanks to God in all things!]

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Saw this on my Pinterest … and ah, yes
this farm girl with soul amnesia needed that & agrees ;)
— and want to make my like about living. just. this.



Big Stuff Coming Up on the blog here this coming week:

Free Printables that could change your life, how I’m celebrating the Big 4-0 with a New Thing,

a new Life Experiment that we are more than crazy excited about,

our A-Mazing community getting the chance to become Abolitionists & Freedom Fighters

#EstherGeneration #Turning40 #GiveYourLifeAway #LetsLIVEThisThing #GoodThingsComing! BringOnMonday!!!

Watch this Twice?
Then find a quiet place with a Bible, a pen, and journal? … and write it all out to God:
{ Every day is a gift from Him that might not have been… and all the moments matter… }

{Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom corner of the left margin?}

That’s all, this weekend, good friends–

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well.  Re – joice.

Be the G.I.F.T.