How to Live After the Verdict is In

sunrise like that could make you believe.



Could make you believe that color is real.

Could make you believe that that no matter what the headlines scream, no matter where you stand on the curving earth, we are all held together by the same gravity, that we all share air.

You could stand there and weep at what isn’t.

And at the wonder of being alive, weep for a world where no one takes a slug of steel to the heart, but everyone gets arrested by the beauty of grace, where no one is followed but Christ alone, where everyone is equal and different and the same and distinct and ours is a world that could listen to angels: Be not Afraid.

You could stand there with light on your face and not turn away to the easy of the dark and the status quo and cynicism, and you could believe in a world where no one is profiled but everyone is profoundly valued, where boys walking down the street with Skittles are simply asked if they need a ride home, where grace is the weapon that disarms the dark.

Christ unequivocally proved it.

You could believe in a world where families living in gated communities of  middle class burn with the fire that they are the Esther Generation, light with the purpose that they are here for such a time as this, ignite with glory that they are here to risk their status for those outside the gate — or what will be lost isn’t just your chance to change the world —  but your own soul, the soul of this land, the soul of the next generation.

There is the believing something. 

Then there is to Be Living It. 

First light keeps coming, heat up the sky and you can’t deny the generous shades in the trees.

Sunrise in the Mist

There are stars above the fields right now.

And there is grass under the limbs in the orchard.

And there are round-faced, tousled children waking and waiting to see what kind of world this is and water falls and light moves and we are the ones who get to be here right now and we get to decide, who have been given now and we get to be angry or get to be the difference and why do we get to be here at all?

You can feel it like a pressing on your heart:

I am oppressed by gratitude.

That I breathe, that there is light.

That there is always hope.

A life oppressed by gratitude lives unbound, lives broken and given.

When your life’s oppressed by gratitude — you can’t help but make your life about freedom for the oppressed.

You could stand here with the defiant brave and watch the sunrise and feel the pressing of your heart and know the verdict underneath your skin, what Martin Luther King said:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 11.30.45 AM

The light keeps driving up the greying sky.

You could watch the sun rise and know that we will rise to this.

We will do nothing less than rise.



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