Happy June! Make it Great: 7 Links to Share the Joy in June





1. There’s No place like our Eternal Homes — from a family facing tornadoes

2. Girlfriend is better — This line: “Apparently extra genetic material on the 21st chromosome means that God stayed His hand with the rest of us. The rest of us struggle all our days to love as well.” The beauty of this…

3. The Perils of staying up Late… for all of us.

4. Surreal Self-Portraits of a 14-year-old boy... unforgettable.

5. Time Flies     This:

“Yes, time flies.

But I don’t want to stop it. I want to climb on its back and soak up every inch of the scenery. I want to drink in the laughter, the tears, the soccer games, the visits to the ER, the blues skies and the torrential rains that this world has to offer. For when the cosmic clock is finally grounded, I will climb off its back, grateful for the wild and wonderful (full-of-wonder) ride.

So enjoy your toddlers, your teenagers, your grandchildren. Don’t miss one bit of the ride due to fear or regret. For the day is coming when the tarnish of time will be removed  from us all. And underneath will be revealed the beauty, the creativity, the wonder, the whimsy, and the perfected love that was imprinted on our souls from the very foundations of the universe.”

Read the whole encouraging piece….

4. Scavenger Hunt for God’s Gifts Everyday! Time’s flying so — Climb on time’s back and soak in every bit of the scenery and all His gifts:

Print Your June Dare Here

I wanted to say that the JOY DARE has transformed our family dinner experience! With four young children, dinner time used to be dreadful.

Now, the children look forward to our conversation — sharing their Joy Dare Finds — and even our two-year-old joins in.

We have laughed, cried and had beautiful moments sharing our hearts!”



A letter from a young man at Dallas Theological Seminary:

My name is Nick — and I am probably not your typical reader. At least I don’t think I am your sort of target audience. I am a 26 year old male, a 6′ 3” sports-type of Texas “dude” if you will.

I read your blog a couple of years ago and was immediately intrigued. I was at first turned off that it seemed completely directed at women, but the more I read I was enthralled completely in the message — I have not been able to stop reading ever since then.

I bought your book and was encouraged to start a One Thousand Gifts journal. I did this past January, and have reached over 500 gifts already…long story short – it has absolutely changed my life– — the truth of the gospel and the reality that through gratitude we find joy.

I wake up in the morning now looking for things to be thankful. Trust me, this never happened before!
I now notice the tiniest, smallest things in the day – like even right now a bird sits out my window chirping, and the smell of fresh Texas rain lays on the green grass in my backyard (#523 and #524!).

My eyes have been opened widely and I want to thank you for sharing truth. Apart from God’s word, your blog is something I read almost daily. I know your target audience are women, but this message is for ALLgrace upon grace is a message that attracts anyone

I left my corporate job a year ago due to an immense stirring from God that lasted for a long time. I’m currently attending Dallas Theological Seminary and I made this video for a project for my graduate classes. We were required to make a creative project in our Biblical Exposition class over psalms. I chose to focus my project on Psalm 100:4 and Psalm 16:11 —

and share the story of my journey to write down one thousand gifts:

6. Free #1000gifts App … for iPhone or iPad… the new (free) #1000gifts app is like your own mobile gratitude journal to snap photos and record notes of your gifts from the Giver. So many so loving it. And more fun things to come. Free! Happy June!

Print out the whole year of Joy Dares  and enter to win a Nikon D90 camera

Blog your 1000 gifts, or tag #1000 gifts on Instagram, or join us on Mondays and link up to the list on your blog, or record a legacy of your 1000 gifts in the new numbered journal

And, if you’d like to be entered into the monthly draw for a JOY BASKET  (including a $100 Amazon gift card), share your gifts everyday in the Facebook Gratitude community (everyday we post 3 prompts of what gifts you could look for #JOYDARE!) ... and come the end of the year and counting 1000 gifts (after recording only 3 gifts a day/1000 gifts) … be back here to enter for a Nikon D90 camera…  Give thanks to Him in the assembly…

7. If we could see into people’s hearts:

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Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth. Give Thanks. Love well. Become the gift.