12 Links to Share Some Happy Grace





Just sharing a bit of lovely grace…. We all need some, yes?

1. Beautiful free printables for you! Can’t you see these in a young girl’s room? Down the hallway, over a desk? Love. these. yes.

2. Make mistakes? Make enough of them? This…on making enough mistakes.

3. What is burnout, anyways? Choosing to rest, there is always a rest in Him.

4. Perfect photo editing app? Perhaps some of these will help? Afterlight , SnapSeedPhotoForgeVSCOA Beautiful MessPicTapGo

5. This — brings tears. The wonders of duct-tape and the depth of a friendship.

6. How what makes us happy changes as we age

7. How to Live Through A Long Hard Waiting Season in Your Life — waiting for family change, different health, things to finally turn a corner

8. When Your Mum says She’s Fat? …We could change this. Please.

9. This is Your Brain on Coffee


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One Thousand Gifts audiobook – Chapter One

{RSS readers, come click here to view/listen to the the video — consider pausing music by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom left hand margin}

President of Desiring God, Jon Bloom, on One Thousand Gifts :

“The best thing my wife, Pam, and I have ever read on the gratitude-fueled worship.

Actually, we listened to [Ann] reading it, which is how I would counsel anyone to take in the book.

It was profoundly moving.

I’m going to do it again this year, Lord willing.”


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{Christian Audio has the One Thousand Gifts audiobook,

read by this farm girl, on sale just right now for $7.49}


The Grace of Dads…

The Grace of your Father:

The Grace of Now:

Just that, this weekend–

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well.

Become the gift.