When the Negativity & Pessimism are Getting to You

My Grandma Ruth, she ever only saw a cup one way.

Didn’t matter if the tea’d been poured out or if the sky’d tipped over or the tap was still running loud.

Every cup she ever held or tipped back or drank from, they were all right empty as far as she was concerned.


She’d been dying of old age since she was 42.

Every picnic was bound to get rained out. My grandfather’d be whistling Winn-Dixie and she just knew he was brewing to pick some fiery fight. I loved her like there was no tomorrow.

And for Grandma? There likely wasn’t going to be another tomorrow.

The thing is apples don’t fall far from trees and cups can seem empty for generations.

Seeing the cup as half empty is completely unhelpful.

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