Morning Espresso 12.5 {Mother’s Day Edition… with new (Free) #1000Gifts App!}


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Genetic Portraits… crazy wonderful, eh?

A Snapshot in Time.. you too?

As she lay Dying... when it’s hard with your Mother today…

Why Mother’s Day is for the Birds…

The Truth about the real Mother’s Day Mothers

The impact of one mother and the Boston Marathon bombings — this.

Your Free Mother’s Day #1000gifts App! … for iPhone or iPad… the new (free!) #1000gifts app is like your own mobile gratitude journal to snap photos and record notes of your gifts from the Giver. We are loving it. And more fun things to come. Free! Happy Today, friend!

Mama? Mother’s Day may be for the birds, us living on the wings of His grace and a prayer so sing it! — and sweet dreams are made of these — right where you are…. just a little laugh this morning? Sing!

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Just. like. Me:

Morning Verse for Today’s Living:

“Like a shepherd, He will care for His flock,
    gathering the lambs in His arms,
Hugging them as He carries them,
    leading the mothers… and those with mothering hearts…  to good pasture.”


~paraphrase of of Isa. 40:11 MSG