9 Links to Share the Wonder of Waking Up

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Yeah… because who doesn’t need to share the wonder of waking up to what matters, to grace, to amazing…

Breathe Deep. Smile. Hold the smile. There — feels better already, doesn’t it? Again…. Perfect!

1. 22 Unbelievable Places on His Earth… I know, eh? Stunning.

2.What One man Really Discovers about himself after a year a way from the internet — and why he came back. Fascinating.

3. Travel the World for free right now… amazing, huh? Stays with you — the all of us, and Him knowing all the hairs of our heads all over the world…

4. An open letter from a non-mom, speaking about Mother’s Day… encouraging life-giving gifts of all women…

5.18 Animations of Classic Literary Works — from Plato to Shakespeare … interesting educational discussions with the kids.

6. To be a Mother, to be a Daughter… “She confessed that she had been wrong to run from her mother’s pain and suffering — and from her own. She had thought happiness was something you could have only by ignoring pain.” Yes, yes, yes. This.

7. “Cancer has made death more real—and the gospel more real…” To watch this again and again. Just. This.:

8. I watched this 3 times — and can’t stop thinking about it… to be this kind of woman of faith:

9. Worship for the Weekend:

(and coming next week… some Mother’s Day/amazing women gift ideas (including free!)…)


Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth. Give Thanks. Love well. Become the gift.

May the grace and truth of our Lord and Savior surprise you all over again this weekend, friends!