Morning Espresso: 10 Links for an Amazing Week

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Free Printable: “Today I am Grateful” Tape on the fridge. Change the week. Smile.

Lawn-sized Bananagrams? Yes, Please.

5 Things Your Sponsored Child Can Never Tell You Just take 5 minutes and read. This.

Caption These. Seriously. Grab someone and ask them to help caption these. Startling beauty , yes?

Science discovers what God says: The Power of Prayer:

Praying for … partner or close friend can lead to more cooperative and forgiving behavior toward the partner, according to a new study co-authored by a Florida State University researcher:

Participants who prayed more frequently for their partner were rated as less vengeful in discussing something the partner had done to upset or annoy them.

•The partners of participants who prayed for them noticed more forgiving behavior than the partners of participants who were assigned to set aside time each day to think positive thoughts about them.

•Participants assigned to pray following a partner’s hurtful behavior were more cooperative with their partners compared to participants assigned to engage in thinking about God.

•Participants who prayed for a close relationship partner on days in which conflict occurred reported higher levels of cooperative tendencies and forgiveness than on days when conflict occurred and they did not pray.

 The Gift of Siblings... Read slow. Pick up the phone and make a call? A good read for some older kids too?

Free 31 Days of Encouragement for Military Wives:  A devotional collection offering encouragement for those living the everyday realities of military life, told from the perspective of one Air Force wife.

Grateful…. writing out all the ways we are grateful:

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Conquer Clutter in a Month– one graphic. hit print. follow the flow for each week. Baby steps. Forward!

If You’d really like to grab an Opportunity for Joy
— Yes!

Beyond the Human Eye — The workmanship of God around us, all around us, and instead of us all feeling “small and insignificant” — it leaves us in awe of a God who does all. of. this. — and loves us.

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Memorial Day? Remembering this… again and again…. remembering a love like this:

Morning Verse for Today’s Living:

” … stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD, and likewise at evening”1 Chron 23:30.

Join us? And happily change everything by keeping your own crazy list of One Thousand Gifts? Dare you to Joy! Take the dare to Fully Live!
1. Grab this month’s Free JOY DARE Calendar with 3 daily prompts to go on a scavenger hunt for God’ gifts … {or write down any gifts you choose. Use the free app.} 2. Count 3 gifts a day and you have over #1000gifts in 2013. Jot them down in the new numbered One Thousand Gifts devotional journalThe Farmer’s writing in his with a red pen and daily – the numbers in the journal already there! Motivating… 3. Share your gifts everyday in our beautiful Facebook community to enter everyday for the monthly $100 Amazon draw (or link to your blog post with your list of gifts). 4. Count #1000gifts in 2013 and enter to win a Nikon DSLR camera with lens. Slow Down. Savor Life. Give thanks. Believing something is one thing. But the Best only comes when you decide to Be Living it. Please, jump in, make your life about giving thanks to God! — Just add the direct URL to your specific 1000 gift list post… and if you join us, we humbly ask that you please help us find each other in our refrain of thanks by sharing the community’s graphic within your post.
Give thanks to the Lord! His Love Endures Forever!

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