5 Links to Generate Good Things this Weekend




Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 8.42.47 AM

No power at the farm.
Been more than 24 hours now.
Could be days?
Generators running, keeping the barn going, sows warm.
Blades of grass on the lawn sheathed in inch of ice-glass.
Roads closed, down trees and wires.
Our county’s declared a state of emergency.

And us all awed and living in a state of grace.

Us with ‘no power’ and living in Christ.



Five links for generating good things this weekend?

1. Loving folks in the midst of their dark days … and Can a Christian get depressed?

2. The Atheist’s Dilemma… read this conversion story aloud to the boys

3.50 Best Photos of 2013 @ The Smithsonian … the whole earth is full of His glory … Take a deep breath. Drink in beauty this weekend.

4. When your heart is to adopt but the door’s not open… keep coming back to this post

5. Joy — everywhere, right in the impossible, in the ugliness, still! — the kids loved this one:

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth. Give Thanks. Love well. Become the gift.

May the grace and truth of our Lord and Savior surprise you all over again this weekend, friends!