What is time for but this?






Wildest Grace!

And thousands of you most beautiful people all say “Here I am” and become 1000 gifts and the cycle of grace continues on and on and the five little nieces and all us crazy farm folk, we’re bowled over and undone by this unending deluge of birthday cards for Aleeda!

From men who say “You’ll get far more eloquent cards but it matters for me to reach out too”–

From grandmas who took photos of birthday cakes and said they wished they could send it with one big fat candle.

From scribbling, grinning toddlers and whole cheering high school youth groups and stair-stepped families all leaning in and even these little puppies smiling ridiculously pretty for the camera and little Aleeda.

And it keeps snowing but we’re this melted puddle of joy.

Being radical is as radical as answering God’s call — wherever you are, right where you are.

To pick up the phone and dial that number, to invite that one person over, to make that meal, to write that note.

To make the time to love because what else in the world is time for?

Time is made for love… and we have time for this.

And that answer to “Where is God?”  — You can hear the answer, all of God’s people beating God’s heart  everywhere in the world.

Us all together and that beating sounding like thunder and that unstoppable Kingdom coming.



Be the gift? We can’t get her a heart but we can show her the heart of God! Email “Happy Birthday” to little Aleeda waiting for a heart transplant: 1stbirthdaycardforAleeda@gmail.com 

All together we make the heart of God known as this thrumming thunder of wonder in this world!

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