1000 Thank Yous for Becoming the Gift


You amazing people!

That you sold out the limited edition Freeset bag yesterday in 4 1/2 hours?

Hope whispered this last night & so wanted you to know: “Best birthday ever!”

Thank you for really freeing sold and traded women yesterday with Hope & Freeset — who just keeps beautiful bags for freedom of our sisters! (It is 7:25 at night in India right now — and the line of women begins to grow again. Can we be a long line of women advocating for their freedom? Come join Freeset USA’s prayerful efforts?)

I am blessed, I can bless — so this is happiness!” (One Thousand Gifts)

am blessed
can blessed
= happiness

Amazing what you all did for the least of these yesterday — extravagantly giving to our Lord and Jesus like that! When our thanks-giving becomes thanks-living — it’s a pretty Christ-amazing thing!

Eucharisteo, sisters!