Make the Best Lunches

Wrap up the food in real food:

His Word.

And wrap them in love…. wherever they go.


List of Free Printable Downloads (including Sandwich Verse Wrappers)


Free Printable Downloads:

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Sandwich verse wrappers

10 Point Manifest for Joyful Parenting

Click Here for 3 Ways to Really Start New Habits {with Free Printables including The Day’s Draft &the 100 Days Calendar}

Verse Cards for Mamas

10 Helps for Really Busy Moms



Happy Labor Day! Traditionally, school always begins in Canada the day after Labor Day… so quieter in this web corner today,  enjoying the day as the symbolic end of the summer.

And wherever you are today, enjoy the gift of today family and friends… and get ready to wrap everyone in love again tomorrow!

{Dare the kids to joy too come tomorrow? Print out September’s Joy Dare (just below) and hang on the fridge, tape it to a lunch box, — and dare to use the prompts to find gifts to thank Him for — then share the finds of the gift hunt at dinner each evening. May this September be the best one yet! Recent research guarantees that writing a gratitude list leads to one being a full 25% happier! Who really doesn’t need more joy-happy as we find new fall rhythms?}

See you back here tomorrow with a story that’s been pressing in on me this past week — and a 1000 Gifts link-up post . Will you join us — as you take up the Joy Dare? Let’s do it! Give thanks to the Lord, His love endures forever! }