Happy August! Best Way to Begin:

Really — Take the crazy Joy Dare!


Print it out for the fridge {and the kids} : use these prompts to give thanks for these gifts from God.

Why bother?

It’s habits that can imprison you and it’s habits that can free you and when thanks to God becomes a habit, so joy in God becomes your life.

Maybe a life needs change over and over again — that constant turning to God? Not so much new month resolutions but revolutions.

And why bother keeping a gratitude list of His gifts?

Because those who keeping a gratitude list:

1. Have a relative absence of stress and depression. (Woods et al., 2008)

2. Make progress towards important personal goals (Emmons and McCullough, 2003)

3. Report higher levels of determination and energy (Emmons and McCullough, 2003)

4. Feel closer in their relationships and desire to build stronger relationships (Algoe and Haidt, 2009)

5. Increase your happiness by 25%(Who wouldn’t want a quarter more happiness!) (McCullough et al., 2002)

Who doesn’t want all that?




Just three gifts a day.

The whole earth is full of His glory.

All these years it’s been utterly pointless to try to wrench out the spikes of discontent.

Because that habit of discontentment, it can only be driven out by hammering in iron that is even sharper —

The sleek pin of gratitude.” …. ~ {One Thousand Gifts}

If I never cease working on the the habit of good food, good exercise, good time management — why ever lessen the habit of our grateful thanks to a good God?

It’s like you can hear it in the woods —

Like you can hear it across the fields and in the hand of every heart desperately seeking change — —

all these pens held like hammers to ring in a new month!

And all this joy.


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Click here to print out August’s Joy Dare Put it on the fridge! Dare the Kids! And begin this month-– right!

Count three gifts a day, 1000 gifts in 2012 (and be entered to win the NikonD90 camera?)

Thank-you is a word that can change you, your world — the whole world!


Each day of August, either share your gifts on on Twitter {label with #1000gifts #JoyDare so we can find you!}, or with us in the gratitude community at Facebook , or on Pinterest (#1000gifts).

Each day, 3 people will who share their gifts via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest will be randomly selected & entered into a drawing for JOY BASKET: a gift card @ Amazon {100$} & {signed copies of One Thousand Gifts, the photographic gift book, the DayBrightner, and the family gratitude journal} Give thanks to Him in the assembly!

Join us? And happily change everything by keeping your own crazy list of One Thousand Gifts?