3 Ways to Really Make New Habits . . . . {Free Printables}

When we read this book , there’s this character that puts on her “habit.”

A little hand here pats my shoulder and asks, “What’s a habit?

The amaryllis on the sill, it’s swelling in hope.

And I tell Shalom this: a habit is something that is worn.

She flickers recognition, nods, turns back to the page. She waits for me to read the next line.

I’m sort of struck: A habit is what we wear. A habit is the way we wear our days.

I look down at my jeans and there’s skin showing through this threadbare knee. I have habits that desperately need changing.

I’m a mess, out of good rhythms, dragging through days with these flabby focus-muscles.

You might even be able to write your name in the dust on the microwave.

I lay out new threads: clip The Day’s Draft to the clipboard.

And scratching down a plan for each day, The Day’s Draft, working on habits and consistency: there’s realizing this too:

If it really matters — am I making time? Or excuses? 

Standing in an imperfect place is just the perfect place to begin, and everyday offers the hope of Day 1. His mercies are new every morning and this is a gift.

The cosmos are blooming out in the garden and it’s nearly September and I’m reading to begin again.

I carry a clipboard and try on new habits.

I set the timer and do pomodoros for each of the tasks on the Day’s Draft. I’m living by the rhythms of these pomodoros.  I’m trying to live in some new threads.

And then, at the end of the day — to be done with the day because you’ve done what you could do.

The accomplishment of a day isn’t so much about accomplishing goals — but abiding in God

True, the day may have stumbled and fallen — but in Christ we are the saved.

Tomorrow, it will descend like a fresh dew on cosmos petals — fresh grace all over again.

The amaryllis on the sill, it resolves to unfold beauty.  And it does, it blooms wide open.

It does it there on the sill — wears this habit of hope.

Wear new habits and your life gets a makeover. Do things at the same time everyday and find yourself a different person.

And it’s there out in the garden — petals unfurling in light.



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To Download your own copy of The Day’s Draft,  head here



3 Ways to Live New Habits 

1. Print out The Day’s Draft

2. Print out a 100 Days Calendar

3. Work off pomodoros



Use the 100 Days Calendar & Make a New Habit

Perfect for a good start

on a project, a dream, a prayer, a plan,

to number the days and get a good start

to do the real important,

to tend to the paramount,

like scheduling the time

so there’s more than enough to

smell a ridiculous amount of flowers.


I  made up a little crazy 100 Days Calendar as a way for me to to visualize 100 Days and inspire dreams of:

1. Creativity

A project that’d be bliss to finish in 100 Days? Each day for 100 days, write it down… and after working on it — after even spending 10 minutes — check it off for that day!

2. New Habits

A morning routine? Times of prayer? Scripture Memorization? Playing games? Reading aloud each evening? Just pick one or two habits, and jot them down each of the 100 days Then smile over the accumulating check marks!

3. Health

A way to encourage 100 days of healthy patterns … exercise/sleep/eating patterns. Choose one health habit and write it down each day — writing it down beside the day’s number is my commitment to follow through for that day — and to make that check mark happen! I don’t want to break the string of 100 Days…

Pick Three New Habits, or creative work, or health exercises… and check them off each day for 100 days.

There’s only three spaces for scratching down 3 practices for each of the 100 Days. So as not to overwhelm with many new practices — and just get a few under our belt at a time?

There may be a myriad of ways to use a 100 Days Calendar, but perhaps just think of what you’d like your life to look like in 100 Days — see the art that you’ve made, the books that you’ve read, the habits that you’ve created, the ways that you’ve lived — and then everyday just jot down on the calendar, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3… and keep checking off in those little boxes every day!

{And the unexpected but happy side-benefit of all this? When the children saw the 100 Days Calendar on my clipboard with my three daily practices written in and waiting for a string of little check marks? They wanted their own 100 Days Calendar too! Enthusiastically checking off each day! Intrinsic motivation!

“Teach us, O Lord, to number our days, that we might have a heart of wisdom.” ~Ps. 90}


Do things at the same time everyday —

and find yourself a different person.


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